Aug 19, 2008

shout out to Jordan's underground music bands : Oriental and Brutal Death Metal!

Talent in our Arab world is generally wasted,unless you're really lucky ,because in order to nurture a talent you have to find 1st,and that usually is the parents part if its going to happen at an early age,but when more than half of the Arab world is under the poverty lines, the parents aren't really focused on your talent,and that worry about making it to the end of the month shifts to the children some way or another and so the children themselvs don't pay attention to their talents.which is really sad.there are other reasons for why talent is wasted in our Arab world,but i believe the previous is the most important one.

However,some catches the train sooner or later, and they work on their talent and emerge,in Jordan,I've witnessed more than one example of such talents becoming professional or semi/professional ,This is a shout out to 3 of them ,two oriental ,1 Brutal Death Metal .

1) Sho Hal Eyam شو هالإيام
I'm not sure of the line up,so i won't mention them one by name,and I'm not sure if they're still playing or what ! I've watched them once in the Royal Cultural Center in Amman and they're awesome, if you know Ziad Rahbani's "sho hal eyyam" song then you might have guessed what kind of music/songs do they play, Shiekh Emam,Moh'd Moneer,Ziad Rahbani,Marcel,etc... . and they added a twist of rock to it,which i liked very much .i found this article in Al Ghad news paper about'em , and i have couple of tracks by them n i have no idea where i got them from too! here they are :

2) Sharq, شرق

need i to say this is the second oriental band ? :d
I love this band,they're amazing,they plays some covers and they have few original songs/music pieces so far,this is their facebook page,and here is some of their tracks from a live concert

you be the judge .

3) TYRANT THRONE - Brutal Death Metal Band

yes i also do like this kind of music,not my favorite though ! i never get the lyrics, i enjoy the music itself,caution : could be described by some as "noisy" .so think twice before listening to them ,but being in Jordan and keep trying and eventually come up with a demo CD and some covers with such musical taste isn't easy,so they deserve appreciation at least .
this is their facebook page ,and this is the official website,they have an upcoming event check it out.

whether you like'em or not,i think a bit of appreciation at least won't harm,after all,we all know how hard it is to do such thing in Jordan,these people gave and still giving this much of their time,and if we - the young people - didn't support each other then who will !?

if you know about another band please tell us about it .and i hope you like the ones i posted .


LioneSS said...

It is really great to see such good music and bands in Jordan even with the current bad and poverty situation those days
I like the first one so much it is my favorite kind of music even I didn’t hear music from a long time :D

Thanks for this great post :give:

NasEr said...

yea i like'em a lot ! i hope they're still playing,some of them are members of "Sharq" also so I'm not sure.
glad u liked it lioness:)

Zeina said...

Oh my oh my! Man we really share the same music taste!
You know Nadim mohsen? Here is his fan page on facebook
he has 2 awesome CDs! Who else, I see u listen to Tania Saleh and Ziad Sahhab!
Man! I really enjoy good music, and I enjoy sharing with those who appreciate it! Tell me how I can send the songs, or if I can send u the CDs, I can copy them from my library!

Zeina said...

Nadim Mohsen's Page link! :)

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