Aug 27, 2008

How i got lost today and ended up listening to Amr Diab in Bangkok!

August 27th ,2008
Yesterday I went over a friend's house to sleep over , i live somewhere around the red triangle on the upper part of the map ( right click -> open in new tab! i just love drawing maps ?:d) my friend's place is where the big red start * at the bottom,between "Ekamai" and "Thong Lo" Sky-Train stations (the sky train route is in green,the underground train -metro- is is blue) . and i never been to that area before,its just too far away from me and i have no business going there . today morning ,around 11 am when i headed home ,my friend gave me the directions to the two near-by Sky Train stations (the short red line on the map) it was something like : right,left,right,straight,right ,keep straight ! easy !! it was supposed to be 10 minutes walk maximum !after walking nearly 20 minutes ,i figured,something must be wrong !where da hell are the stations ?!!! luckily ,i saw a tourist coming my way ,finally,someone who speaks English !!well from his accent i think he is from Spain or wherever ,he didn't speak English, we just mimed and i made the train sound "choo choo " and for some reason i made the arm move that goes with "choo choo" (circular motion on the side !!! LOL ,Kinder garden stuff sticks in your mind after all !!!!!) he got what i was talking about and somehow i understood i should take the next left and keep straight all the way ! it was a bloody hot day today ,i walked for 40 minutes ,and eventually i saw the sign of the UNDERGROUND train !!! i couldn't believe my eyes ,the nearest underground train is "Sukumvit"! i thought WOW,i walked some good distance !! for my surprise ,it wasn't even Sukumvit !! it was the NEXT station !! "patchaburi" ( marked with red rectangle on the map) apparently ,instead of taking the short red line,i took a wrong turn and walked the blue line ! it felt funny to get lost anyway,wasn't that bad !

so to reward myself on this awfully long walk ,i thought I'd take a snack, or a drink in a nearby big ass Mega Mall ,so i went in, i enjoy the big malls here very much ! for one thing, i let myself visualize what kind of big store i want to have - I'm planning my life in advance - ,and they're really really big there is everything you could think of in these places ,Mecca Mall in Jordan is a joke comparing to them !one thing that gets my attention in the malls here generally ,is that Thai people LOVE to play computer games,and they enjoy much the kind of games i find very boring , which is those picture-matching games,you know when you click the two similar pictures ?and there is like 200 little pictures on the screen ? those are in every mall in Thailand -nearly- and you'd find two adults playing together,a mom and daughter,two friends,bf gf, a little boy and his dad ... and they seem really excited and enjoying their time :d its delightful to watch - ezzZzZzZzZ this is a cultural shock - ,so i eventually found a nice big restaurant ,i walked around and found something I could eat,the restaurant was international ,all kinds of food ,i sat down waiting for my order ,there were a group of foreigners next to me,Thai people on the other side, everyone is shattering ,and i drifted somewhere in my head ,you know when the world is moving in every direction all around you and you just go somewhere in your head ? i kinda "woke up" when i found myself mumbling a song for Amr Diab !!! weird ! i hate his guts !to realize,that the song is being played in the restaurant !!!!!! it was "Habibi wala 3ala bali" or "wala 3ala balo" I'm not sure,that one with the fast beat n all ! and holly molly did i love Amr Diab today !! it was a blast !i was so happy ,an Arabic song!! n i looked aorund and everyone was busy doing wutever they were doing and talking and I'm thinking "HE3 HE3 HE3 HE3 I can understand that :D"
i enjoyed every bit of the song,i didn't touch my food until it was done and the next track started ,its a mixed CD or something there was no more Arabic songs in there,i had my lunch and allll the tiredness of the walk was just made my day .I'll allow myself to like Amr Diab to the rest of the day ,starting tomorrow I'm back to hating his guts :/.


lost within said...

Dude ! Just looking at the map made me feel lost !
So did u make it to ur friend's at last ?
I am not a fan of Amr Diab but I like this particular song !

NasEr said...

did i make it ? :/ that was on the way back LOL :d i made it to my place yea :)
and btw,i thought I'm one of those people who WILL NEVER be able to read a map !now, i proudly spread this big map of BANGKOK and wonder around (it feels like a tourist) lol.

Anonymous said...

loool am terrible in figuring out maps and directions.. I rarely go anywhere before checking "Mapquest" and print a street to street direction of fear of getting lost where am not supposed to be..

So you being lost wasn't bad after for Amr diab, 7aram give him a break, he has a couple of good songs :)

NasEr said...

walla ya Nora la 3nde mapquest wala ya7zanoon :D 3nde 4 different maps of Bangkok LOL :D i eventually got to understand how maps works .
and the day i'll start actually liking Amr Diab as a favorite singer I'm gonna shoot myself .hayne i gave a him a break bekaffee one day,hayo tele3 3al blog kaman sho bedo a7san men haik :-o :Ppppp

a different perspective said...

Did you watch a lady boys show in Bangkok? That's a cultural difference!

NasEr said...

hey a different perspective , welcome aboard .
well i have two lady boys living in the apartment across mine,I'm kinda used to their looks now .its weird at 1st especially when you run by them in a supermarket or so and hear them speak but eventually u get used to them .

Noor said...

walak how many times have u been lost in that damned bangkok so far???!!! :s

its good to know that eventually u manage to find ur way back everytime!! w sho bl nesbeh la 3amr thiaaab?? sho wassalo la belad el Thailands!! :D

NasEr said...

Noor i get lost all the time,bas oskote bte3rafeneesh halla,seret asooG 3al map zay el sowwa7 :DDDDDDDD
3amro ذyaab :ah ah: LMAO

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