Aug 23, 2008

Honoring my father

Ok i got an idea to make me feel better passing this AWESOME day . I'll remind myself what made my father so special ,this would definitely sound cleche but for the ones who know me,they know that people always tell me that I'm unique and one of a kind - you have to know me to verify :d - and since i was a kid whenever someone praised me I'd tell them من شابه أباه فما ظلم ! so here it goes, if you're in mood for some personal one of a kind stories stick here .because he was indeed interesting !

I'd say that my favorite thing about my dad was his open mindedness yet sticking to his origins and never compromise on his beliefs .he was a Marxist communist who respected everyone and always knew what he wanted ,since he was young in Palestine - Al Samou3 (some pics ,video of grandma baking traditional bread) he was rebellious and independent ,one "funny" story i was told about him when i visited Palestine - and later asked him about it :D- is that in the village ,like in any village ,stories about ghost and Genes is every where ,and my dad never believed those stories, and he got himself in an infamous argument with the Imam of the village's mosque ,and of course,all the elder men sided with the Imam and my dad ended up being the bad teen ager who needs to be disciplined etc... . so what did he do later that evening ? he calls a friend and persuade him to help him get even with the elder people !he thought,okay,you insist there is a gene in the village,I'm gonna give you a gene ! so later at night,they head to the cemetery with big plastic pipes ,and they started blowing air in them ,and you know the voice that'd come out, they stayed until mid night and head back home,the next day,few people started talking about the gene in the cometary !bingo !they kept on doing that for about a week !and of course people were afraid to even look out the window to check it out,until the elder men decided to group all together and go check it out, the unlucky young man didn't know about the plan, and he head to the cometary with his friend, they loved the controversy they made !!! and there they were, some 15 men with sticks !!!! - off topic,what were they thinking bringing sticks to a gene fight lol- ,and they were caught red handed ! the sticks of course came in handy ,and they both had hell of a beat ,but as he told me when i asked him about it " yea they beat the hell out of us,turned out a pregnant woman almost lost her baby because of us! it was immature to do so, but i made my point " . i love that story ! :)
he graduated from high school,like 99% of people in that era,studying on the light of a candle ,etc ,we know all those stories nothing special :p but in addition my dad was a shepherd ! that i like about him i don't know why !and he planted three trees that are big and tall now where he used to take the sheep ! i love those trees !thinking about it,everyone should plant a tree ,good idea,next time I'm in Palestine I'm gonna plant a tree.


lost within said...

that was funny ! u had a smart dad :)
and LOOOOL @ the sticks in the fight hehe

NasEr said...

oh yea :d he was ..different :d
thx for stopping by :d
i guess the old men were somehow familiar with Buffy the vampire slayer ? lol.

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