Aug 31, 2008

We Need an Obama ! of our own !

I find myself pretty impressed with Barack Obama ! I hope he wins ,mainly because I believe he'll do us better than McCain would ( Us = Arabs ,Palestinians ) , I've been following the elections since the primaries ,and I'm impressed with this man's achievement .I find myself defending him sometimes if the election issue came up when talking to friends !I made sure to wake up on time to watch his nomination acceptance speech at the DNC live couple of days ago !!! but then i thought : why da hell am i so excited about Obama !!! I also watched his speech at AIPAC ,it wasn't something cheerful at all ,I mean I'm not American,I don't really care about what kind of tax cuts and health program he is going to enforce there !! I care about whats his plan regarding Israel and the middle east !!! and i thought about for long time ,i generally like to analyze feelings,why did i have this feeling and not that,why did someone act this way not otherwise ,so eventually i figured , its not that I like Obama himself as a candidate to the USA president as much as i like what he represents ,a man who had tough life growing up, made his way through life ,a middle class who knows how hard it is to get food,education and health for the mass majority of his people ,who is now a step away from leading his country ,apparently not forgetting where he came from,and putting his country and his people 1st ,wanting to help them have a better life ! I thought : we -Arabs- need an Obama of our own !!we need this kind of a leader ! Someone who'd help the poor,fix the economy,create new jobs ,honestly and truly put the people's interests 1st !! of course all of our leaders,elected or not,claim that these are their top priorities and all that crap we hear from each and everyone of them,where the reality says otherwise ( do you disagree ? read the newspapers ) .
His speech of hope and change and "getting our country back" at the DNC reminded me of Jamal Abd El-Naser's speech on nationalizing the Suez Canal !!! I think this explains the excitement in the Arab world about Obama !! i think that we're hoping that he'd be a "good" president ,fair and just ! because his background and all...

But the reality is,nations doesn't move forward with the help of other nations ! nations grow and prosper on their own,change must come from within ! ..whats your thought?


mab3oos said...

as an Arab American myself, I believe that he will good to his word of diplomacy not war in regard to foreign policy. This greatly affects Arabs as Sudan was probably next on the Bush/McCain war machine agenda.

As to having an organic Arab leader to help us out of our misery, I think it will take sometime. I wish I had the resources to get into politics in Jordan (it require serious money) and try to replicate what Obama has done so far. But, as long as Arabs keep voting for thier unqualified elders and tribal leaders, change will most likely take the back seat!!

NasEr said...

hey mab3oos ,thx for stopping by ,

I agree with you,mostly ,I mean we don't get to elect PMs and Presidential "elections" in Republic countries isn't really elections .however,have a look at the parliament elections in Jordan -for instance- and it'll give you an idea about wut kind of elections it'd be : tribal .
I'm wondering ,is coups the only way to change things in the Arab world?!?!?

The Observer said...

I want Obama as well. Mcain would just make things worse than bush! We had enough!

Jundi said...

i like the graffiti

NasEr said...

thx for stopping by the observer ,anyway i think he screwed up with choosing Palin .

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