Aug 27, 2008

You x365

x365 is a real lovely idea,started in 2006 when :

Dan Waber turned 40 on January 12th, 2006, and wanted to mark the occasion in some positive fashion. So he got this crazy idea (not an unusual event) to write 40 words (no more, no less) every day for a year, and each day he'd write about a different person (in no particular order) who touched his life. But not just anyone, it has to be someone he's actually met in person, someone whose name he still remembers.

and its been all over the place ever since ! i came across MommaBean's 365 blog n i find the idea delightful ! I just started my x365 blog ! and honestly ,maybe this is the only time where i felt that i wanted to be older so badly so i could write more ! heck ! 23 :/ well in September I'll be 24 I'll have an extra word :)

Go to home page and check it out. and start your own if you like the idea !


kinzi said...

NasEr, I tried the x 365, but I just couldn't stop writing and it took too much time. I haven't even peaked at hers lately!!

Enjoy it! It is a great way to develop a thankful heart, to consider those who influenced you at some point.

NasEr said...

hey Kinzi,welcome aboard

well ,get back to your x365 then :D stick to the rules and don't write too much.its a good reduction exercise :D
thx for stopping by :)

Noor said...

dear enta bedon el x365 already appreciative!! n' i bet that u already write or atleast talk or create a movie of those who've influenced ur life in a way or another! 23 words wont be fair enough for u r7 te2dar :D u'll go over 40 words even!

gr8 idea..i'll consider it as my new project when im 22 :D

NasEr said...

hehehe Noor :DDDDDD u know meeeeeeee :D
bas wallah its kinda hard to put'em in 23 words but its a good excersize la e5tesar el 7ake :D ana bardo one month w beseer 3nde 24 he3 he3 he3

LioneSS said...

nice idea wallah ^_^

but u have to update the x365 blog every year to add a new word to each person :D

may be i'll do it on the near future :D

NasEr said...

wuts that LioneSS ? where does it say so ? did i miss a page or something on the website ??

LioneSS said...

no naser o_O

but what i supposed is when u insha'allah turn 24 years old then u should update your x365 blog and add additional word to each person to become 24 words and also add another person

do I mess all the idea ×_O

n said...
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NasEr said...

LOL :D la la u got it right :D
i won't go modify kol elle abel,5alas i'l become number X24x365 :ch:

Iman said...

Thats a great idea perhaps I'll try it.

BTW, love the picture in the post :)

NasEr said...

hey Iman
welcome aboard :)glad you liked it :)

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