Oct 12, 2009

The 1st Twittered lecture @JU

Lecturer Today we're discussing the pros and cons of giving classes via twitter #class

@AntiWestrenization you can't twitter in Arabic I'm sorry !

@NerdInThe1stRow good point ,physical attendance in class IS IN FACT fun but so is taking lecture from your couch at home,isn't it ?

@PonyTail yes,u can have your pony tail if it makes any difference to u!why don't u add "blond" to your twitter name honey,as a disclaimer!

@Hijabi9 No I can't see you through your phone's cam !

@LastRowGuysGang How is that my problem ?but,u can either go to each one's house in turn,or just take the class on one of the buses outside campus

@FunnyGuy still not funny !

@FunnyGuy they can't see what u write u know,and *whisper* isn't really a twitter command!drop the class 7abeebe.

@NeverMissAClass don't worry there will be a 1 minute quiz at the beginning of each class,their lil bros n moms can't possibly answer ;)

@TechnicallyChallenged yes I can see this

@TechnicallyChallenged no you're still technically challenged !

@FormerTechnicallyChallenged good grief,technically you're not technically challenged now,happy now?

@PiercedLip No no don't cry,they still can see ur piercing,u can send a picture,everyday!I see councling is working 4u!

@Parent007 Good day Madam,ah walla,yer7am ayyam zaman!have a good day!Thx but I dnt like Lintel soup!

@Anonymous_freak Am I really ? but what's a PILF anyway ?

@Anonymous_freak a professor I'd like to friend ? sure,u're welcome @officeHours

@BroadShoulders what r u lol-ing at ?

@blogger yes you can blog this

and the saga continues ...



Rula A. said...

NASER LoLing min hoon la 2usboo3 zamaaaan.. wala kmish atbeee3i di7ki jaab akher il 7arah..Salimat yadak ya bsha..@Mubde3Ka3aade ;)

Anonymous said...

looool,hope you can make sequels to this post :)
i just imagined how it would be if we had facebook and twitter in our university years, i'm sure it would be دندرة :)

NasEr said...

wa yadaki ya o5ta al 3arab :)

yea sequels ,why not !there could be 1st Twittered تشكيل وزاري
1st Twittered Jaha
1st Twittered إعلان نتائج التوجيهي
1st Twittered زواج تقليدي
1st Twittered Eid visit !
I'm thinking we have so many things that can be twittered ,but this post isn't generating much traffic or comments so I don't know :D

sfo said...

مش فاهم
حاولت أفهم
ما فهمت
فهمني! شو القصة؟

Anonymous said...

I don't twitter.. I tweet , tweet loool

Keefak Naser afandi ?

NasEr said...

اذا لسا ما اقتحمت عالم توتر صعب أشرحلك ! sooner or later u'll,then come back and read u may get it ,maybe find it funny too :p

what have u been smoking dear ?:D

Roba said...

Thats' cool! What class what that? At least, what faculty?

NasEr said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
NasEr said...

Roba r u serious ? or are u that funny ? :D
welcome to smokes blow !

Halawa said...

LOL I laughed So hard over this one XD XD!!

We want more!!

NasEr said...

Halawa coming soon ..

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