Oct 12, 2009

Wall climbing isn't for anybody !

Really ? people do pay to get banged against a wall filled with rocks left and right hanging on a rope for deal life ? This isn't for me ! not now not now ,I need to hit the gym again and quit or lighten up on cigarettes (you see,lighten up, lighting, cigarette ,u get it ?are u laughing ?thinking I'm hilarious ?probably thinking I must be bored ? did you quit reading already ? please don't !) .

So I've been to Tropical Desert Trips office on third circle and I've tried some wall climbing there and yes The Wall Had Defeated My Ass,badly ! No more rock climbing for me,but there's a whole lot of other things to be done through them ,these guys teach you how to rock climb ,they take you canyoning ,triking,hiking ,and that thing when you're dangled down a rope off a cliff with a waterfall to your left side ,what's that called ?whatever its called its fun,I've done it,not in the wilderness though , and see places you never thought existed in Jordan ! just check the picture gallery on their website !http://tropicaldeserttrips.com/aboutus.aspx  !

This is the second time I mention Tropical Desert , these guys are Jordanians and they do it with passion and professionalism and that's what I love about this project . Check the story on them in JO Magazine If you read it .

Caption : The wall that beat my ass !

so next time you wanna do something different on a weekend or having guests and want to show them Jordan, give them a visit .
Contact Info :
Hakim Tamimi - +962 795 43 1616


Rula A. said...

I loved the introduction..Very nice :)
Yes it is an interesting thing to do,, Oh 7akeem I know him,, he went to JU like us majoring English-Spanish,, his mom from Spain and she is a doctor at JU.
Bas walla nice project :) and the pictures are wonderful too.

zuzikabdo said...

thanx for the website ..
i do need a jordan exploration, but i want to end up alive))
anyway i will give my self a shot with these dangerous guys..)

NasEr said...

Rula lol,msadd2ek ya 3ammi u didn't have to give me his family history :DDDD yea the pix are shockingly nice actually !

zuzkiabdo lol they're safe trust me,they have all the gear n stuff for it ,they're not dangerous they're adventurous :D

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