Oct 10, 2009

The Middle East Nobel Peace Prize Winners Paradox

I just find it ironic ! 

Anwar Al Sadat 1987

Assassinated !
Menachem Begin 1978

this guy was so peaceful he had to bomb a nuclear reactor just to maintain peace !

Yasser Arafat 1994

Was so peacefully assassinated by slow poisoning

Yetzhak Rabin 1994


Shimon Perez 1994

latest achievement : killing thousands of terrorist women and children in Gaza,for the sake of peace and prosperity in the region



LUNAR. said...

يا أخي ما بعرف
حسيت حالي بحلم لما عرفت اوباما انه فايز بنوبل

ما علينا
ملاحظة حلوة منك
بس لابقة اكثر اشي على بيريز

Ahmad Hamdan said...
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Ahmad Hamdan said...

في شي مشترك بين جميع المذكورين اعلاه, جميعهم اخدو الجائة عشان تحقيقهم للسلام على الطريقة الاسرائيلية وبالاخر شفنا نتيجة هالسلام كيف

Rula A. said...
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NasEr said...

we all did ,I don't know if anyone saw it coming ! :/

Ahmad Hamdan
fee el Barad3i bas I didn't mention him because I wanted to not-subjectively emphasize what you said :)

Rula A I still can see your comment :p

sfo said...

بعد أكمن شهر بتشوفوا صورتي كمان

Um Omar said...

ايه,, بعد اكم شهر
بس الشهر محسوب مش ع قياس الزمن العادي
ع السنه الضوئيه يا سيد شفيق

PŕōuđPāŀĩ said...

since the day he won ppl have been predicting an upcoming assassination..

im surprised with the news, he still did not have time to do anything peaceful or not!

and mar7aba :flowers and a cookie:

NasEr said...

ya shai5 ? what plans do you have to get therE ?:D

I'm not predicting anythig yerda 3alaike :D I said "in the middle east" ta7deedan

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