Oct 5, 2009

Following Publicly

In celebration of my new made-in-china mouse which needs you to only click once to actually click something (isn't that a blessing!) I managed the blogs I really follow on my dashboard and made them public and they're going to the favorite blog list cuz they're the actual favorite blogs ,so, I hereby declare you worthy of reading..ok most of the time ! got any of your favs ? add to comments please .

and the newbis who need a boost :

and Nakhlaeh ,who's yet to post his first post !


mab3oos said...

thanks for the mention buddy!

sfo said...

أنا إسمي مكتوب!

يسلمو صديق

Rula A. said...

First; thank you for mentioning me :D
Second; Loved the idea & I checked out some of them & followed some also :)

Um Omar said...

ياريته الفطعشر مبروووك للماوس الجديد
دير بالك عليه,, لا تستخدمه كتير
مبلاش يعطل ويقطعك ف نص مشروع او شغله مهمه

LUNAR. said...

تسلم تسلم حج


Anonymous said...

I made the list !! yippyyyyyyyyyyyyyy loool haidi a7la birthday gift ..
Thanks :)

hamede said...

Thank you

NasEr said...

just a not to everyone,thanks goes to you really in the 1st place,u make blogging fun

Mab3oos welcome, get back to blogging w 5affefelna twittering though :(

sfo إنتا أصلا من أول الناس اللي كنت بقرألهم...من زماااااااان

Rulathey're all good bloggers really,I follow another whole bunch but they didn't make the public cut yet :p
don't forget to regularly check qwaider.com.

Um omar allah ybarek feeke ,lol

lunar hala 3ammi,again :D

Noura yaaa salam,so u don't read all the good magnificent stuff I write but u show up when u heard ur name,eh sho hada :p!

hamede you're welcome .

Zeina said...

:) Well I was reading your posts way before I made my blog 3 months ago! I like the diversity in your topics as well as diversity in your writing styles..
And I like opening my google reader and finding new items :D

Unleash your thoughts ;)

NasEr said...

Zeina !! yet another flattering comment,that makes me happy knowing someone's been reading for a while and noticing the diversity I intend to have here :D
well u may wanna know u're the fastest person to be added to the reader instantly and be made public,the header on your blog did it for me,and the content didn't disappoint ,keep up the good work ;)

Zeina said...

Keep an eye for my own perspectives for every figure in the header :)
And your comment is much flattering as well!

sfo said...

إللي بسمعك بصدق
هو أنا بعرف أكتب من أصله
طول عمري بكره مواظيع الإنشا

Halawa said...

Sank you por ze mention :D

But I should be burned to stake alive lol. Haven't blogged in a long time. Bad blogger.. bad blogger =/.

You have motivated me to do so though XD.

jafra said...

انا شايفة لجوء و الا بتهيالي
لا هي لجوء :)
كلك زوء
مع اني بخربش خربشة

Jundi said...

i know im only at the top of the list because u made it in alphabetical order but still .. OH YEAH BABY lol

NasEr said...

sfo I didn't say you wrote the most entertaining things :p I said I followed u since ever ,fee fareG :D happy now ? lol

Halawa ahhh 5eyaneh ! at least you're following for now,we all have these i-dnt-feel-like-blogging moments.

Jafra و بعدين مع هالتواضع هاد ... ؟ :p
بس طلب وحيد للمرة الألف ، بلاش الخط المايل .. والله بحولني

Jundi LOL yea right,not the 1st but in the top 5 akeed

Rasha* said...

Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Naser afandi
bas heik baddi annoy you for fun :P

ya 3ami, marrat I can read but can't comment la2ano mamnou3 at work w ba3dein I read everything you write, w I always visit your blog, didn't your IP tracker tell you that I was here ???

NasEr said...

Rasha you're welcome ,thanks to u too :)

Noura wain mon-sier naser tayyeb :D ? lol ,tayeb sama7tek,i'll take ur word for it for now :D ,and wallah ma ba3raf which one are you bel feedjet ! you're the IP tracker expert :D which reminds me,whatever hapoened to "ask noura" episode two ?

kinzi said...

Thanks for the mention, NasEr!!!!

Anonymous said...

Monsieur Naser,
wallah ana ma ba3ref kteer in IP tracking!! bas bel feedjit elli 3andak whenever you see Brandon or Tampa , Florida ya3ni haida 7adratee..OK ??

As for ask Noura, it is coming soon. I am timing it with my couple of days off so I can answer the questions quickly, so 7adder your questions dear Naser :)

NasEr said...

Kinzi hellooooooooo...how's the states,u still there ?hope u're having/had a great time ,and don't mention it ,you're my blog female super heroine (did i spell that correctly ?lol).

Noura ohh..inte Tampa Florida ? "Tampa" caught my eye men zaman dnt know ,i have this weird thingy with words,5alas ma3nato I'm sure u've been checking :D.
I don't have any questions,I just enjoyed watching the soap opera last time LOL,I can atfalsaf and make my own,I'm that kind of ppl who won't show they need to know any answer and know it all :/ working on it ! (I've been progressing :D)

zuzikabdo said...

u should check (ana nadoush) blog
its intersitng one
btw i would like to follow ur blog . but i dont know how .. am still a bignner..

NasEr said...

zuzkiabdo tab give me the link ya zalameh for that blog :)
here's how u follow a blog if the "follow me" gadget isn't installed in the blog, you can simply copy the blog's address (http://naserz.blogspot.com) for instance,and when u log to your blogger account,on the dashboard will be the blogs you're following at the bottom of the page ,there's an ADD button, click it,and then copy the address to it ,choose to follow publicly or anonymously ,and you're all set . you can check all the blogs you follow from there .zabtat ?

zuzikabdo said...

thanx .. it worked
hear is the link..
and by the way .. u are nominated for my nobel prize for bloggers :)

NasEr said...

Zuzil 5arbatet w i replied to this on Nasrallah's post ! dnt have time to delete n copy now gotta go pack.

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