Oct 14, 2009

when the people you consider "lil boys n girls" go to University

You go to a local band concert thinking "eh,I don't need to call anyone in advance ,there will be a lot of people I know there" surprise surprise :/ Its all kids ! I made 10 calls in 5 minutes till I found some of my friends over there ! But thanks to that girl who asked me when came to buy the band's (Yazan Al Rousan & Autostrad) CD "hey,we were at the university together" and sounded like it was ages ago ,and I couldn't remember her! see what couple of years do!! yea...it sucked ! on a brighter note , people were so nice to me when they came to buy the CD (I was helping a friend,a friend of the band) and ppl thought I was with the band n told me how much they like "our music" !


Qwaider قويدر said...

Tell me about it!

Rula A. said...

Your 100% right,, Sometimes I get that feeling of being really old ka2ino ili mitkahrje 5 sneen..

Farah and Yazid said...

sedyaat sedyaaat...


sfo said...

ومشترك بفرقة من ورايا
طب إعزمني على شي حفلة عالقليلة
إهديني سي دي موقع عليه من حظرتك للذكرى
أو يا أخي ما إنتَ عارف إني بخبص شوية عالقيتار
حطني منظر معكو بالفرقة

NasEr said...

Qwaider lol...for you; now the ppl u consider lil boys n girls are complaining about ppl they consider lil boys n girls goin to university :DD . hey u're married u're out of this league anyway :)

Rula cruel world :D

Yazid إللي مالو سيدي مالو عييد

أولا ،مش مشترك بفرقة ، اصدقاء من بعيد كمان
بعدين عفقت التوتر انو تعالو..Join twitter ya a5i !
المرة الجاي بعزمك منظر حاظر :D

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