Oct 6, 2009

GRENDIZER is in the town people !(seriously)

Guess who's in Amman ?!?! no not Branjelina ,its GRENDIZER !! the maker of Grendizer (Mr. Go Nagai) will be at the Royal Film Commission-Amman ,on the 8th of October (check the facebook event for details ) ! Robot "Mazinger Z" will be there too (in person :D ) ,I mean ...for us ,"boys" who were born in the 80s ... can't describe our feelings towards Grendizer ...  الرزّّّّّّّّّّّّّّّّززززززة المزدوجة pew pew pewwwwww
This should be fun,I'm going see ya there !!

In your face grew-up-in-Kuwait-kids-SANSHIRO-fans :pppppppp ....hahahahaha

yalla kolna ma3 ba3ad. ..

علّي علي بطل فليت هيا طر يا غرندايزر... بعزم علي حمما أرسل اسفك بالأعدااااااااااااااااااااء



LUNAR. said...

"In your face grew-up-in-Kuwait-kids-SANSHIRO-fans :pppppppp ....hahahahaha"

This Is Hilarius :D:D:D:D

You Know , I Grew Up There , But Yet I Love Grendizer , JunGar , Only These Two.

Nice Post In Which Brought A Lot Of Warm Memories.


Zeina said...

What's with the discrimination against girls :/
I grew up watching Grendizer! And I had a crush on Daisuke lol :D never got over him actually :(:(

NasEr said...

Lunar LOOOL...bakrahakkk.,.did u have a SEGA too :( lol , yalla ta3al ma3nato benshoofak honak :D

Zeina LOL,I know u girls had crush on all our good cartoon...Captain Majed,el haddaf (Rami) and maybe Sinan too :D ,lol @ Daisuke crush loool..there will be a robot at the event,this is so cool I'm so pumped to go :D

Zeina said...

La la la bas Daisuke :/
sinan loves lala! Hopeless case :P

Whisper said...

I'll try to attend :D

I grew up watching Grendizer, peperoo "alneser al thahabee", 2ab6al al mala3eb..etc

but my hero was SILVER "the treasure island "

SimSim said...

I was checking it few days ago but I remember ab6al al mala3eb :D hadak kan ta7sheesh ....

sfo said...

الله يرحم
بتصدق إللي فترة بدوّر على مسلسل طمطم
ما لقيت غير أكمن لينك تعبان
يا الكواليتي زبالة
يا إنه مش كامل

يا أخي والله في فرق
بين زمان هسّه
يعني جد مش مزح
مسلسلات زمان كانت هادفة
وفيها قيم وعلاقات إجتماعية
مش مثل هسّه
طعّة وقايمة

Prudence said...

I used to love duke fleet..too bad he won't be there in person. He'd be in his what..forties now?? All mature and wise..wow :p

Rula A. said...
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Rula A. said...

I grew up In KSA and they used to screen it on S.A. Channel 2 but I barely remember it.. I do remember more Sanchero and some other shows :)

jafra said...

بيني و بينك
سر يعني
لهلا بحضروا

كتير بحب هالكرتون ما بعرف ليش هو وكرتون السنافر
و عندي اغلب الحلقات :)

NasEr said...

Zeina LOL,zakertek momtazeh !!!

Whisper I LOVED el nasr el thahabi, such an epic cartoon really,i found the original episodes on youtube and watched some :D

Simsim remember how we say "Riyad" the 1st time ?laying down in the grass playin with that football ? :D

sfo yea really! i feel sorry for today's children ,but they seem happy with the new crappy stuff :s

Prudence LOOOOL... u never forget ur 1st crush,laws of nature :D

Rula traitorrrrrrrrrrrrrr

jafra LOL ,I'm planning on getting them all on DVDs sometime ,I'll make my kids watch them '3asben 3anhom,when and if i had any

Anonymous said...

meen haida grendizer loool

ma kan 3anna kahraba b Beirut.. shouf, I like loulou w tabboush w sanafer :D

Anonymous said...

Grendizerrrrrrrr <3 <3 <3

* eye balls turn into hearts *

ehhhh those were the good days man !

I miss decent cartoons !

Anonymous said...

Btw ana Wa3d lol

NasEr said...

Noura now u made me feel bad :/ but hey you lived through that and survived I'm sure u got outta that with more than we got from watching cartoon !
yalla ya as7aaab looolo..hayya lenotabe3 looolo :p that one ? on another note,there's an adult version of this song by Carlos :D

NasEr said...

@WaedS you still remember how to comment with a name don't u ? :D garga3teena eh ! :D ah walla those were days ! today they screened a pilot or 1st episode of a new show by the same creator ,it was fun alright :D

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