Oct 23, 2007

The World According To Garp experience.

its funny, or awkward , what a product of other man's imagination or creativity could project on your own experience in life -so far-.or the funny or the awkward, is your aptitude to embrace someone else's own-experience when you decide to.
I have lived in The World According To Garp since the minute I got into the plane from Amman to Thailand. Two months now, i laughed most of the time and embarrassed myself often laughing around people with my head nodded down to the book,or even drifting in my own day-dreams trying to picture the situation and sometimes build on it and have me and/or whoever my imagination want in that line or paragraph.for 500 pages i laughed,and enjoyed the World According To Garp,for another 50 i was tensed and strained sometimes,for the last 50 i cried generously,and the last line made me shiver.Not only because of my usual bonding with the fictional characters i see in a movie or in a book.but because it ironically gave a made-up possible illustration of a moment i thought about a lot recently regarding my father's last few moments in life before -as the book call it- he finally met The Under Toad -death-.It was kind of a relief that someone shared what i exactly hoped -more than imagined- about that moment, i cried in loving memory of my father,and i cried with the character who died,and i cried for anyone's death,and for his loving still-alive ones,i laughed for 550 pages and all whats in my mind now is the last few sad moments!its funny -or indeed sad- that we tend to cling to our darkest memories instead of embracing the happy ones. I'm just so overwhelmed at the moment that I can't decode my feelings toward the book,and that doesn't usually happen to me and it puzzles me.How the human being -sometimes- could expose himself vulnerable to something ,this way,knowing whats going to happen, willingly!

Oct 7, 2007

yes, I proved that I'm an Arab!

Today i had to go some places,i went alone,and took the train ;) and it wasn't as hard.i met someone i know,we went first to a local market,now for sure smoking indoors in Thailand is absolutely nonnegotiable -but girls with hair on their arms and legs is totally fine!!- .i waited until we were in the outdoor part of the market n i took out my ceg ,the girl with me said "you can't smoke here,there is plenty of people around you ,you might burn someone's arm or baby's hair!" ,i showed her the dawaweeen way of holding the cigarette like when your father show up suddenly (you cover it somehow with your palm),and smoked anyway.
second smoking incident was an hour later,outside the train station,just when i wanted to lighten the cigarette she gave me this look and said "you can't smoke here!". i didn't actually have a clue why is that! i always smoke outside! she said after 3 seconds of uncomfortable silence and mystery looks : "if you smoke while walking the smell would spread and you'll annoy people around you!" i was like "okay!!!!where do i smoke?" she said "There" and pointed,there was a long bench for smokers! .
she left later,and on my way home i saw a really big and nice looking public garden,i walked in through the trees and lakes and the bridges and the public gym enjoying the soothing music around the park, and there when i felt like nothing completes this scene but a cigarette ! half way through the cigarette ,while crossing one bridge and enjoying the scene of people in boats and the fish popping here and there,one little cute girl about 8 year maybe,looked at me very very surprised and said -in her own accent - : No simoking !!!: .
how ashamed did i feel!!!!! i didn't find one sign of "no smoking",i figured out it is very obvious you can't smoke in a place like this there is no need of a sign.
there i told myself feeling more miserable to have to throw the cigarette on the clean floor ,yes, I proved that I'm an Arab!

Oct 5, 2007

the bathroom light

for some reason,since i came to Thailand,i just don't shut the bathroom's light when i get out.
its been 40 days and the problem still.no reason what so ever!


I woke up today at 6:30 at night,it was dark and only the annoying dog out there barking, i went to the restaurant to have my daily meal,Beef,Rice and vegetables ,for some unknown reason it was closed!its not supposed to be closed today! i went to the supermarket to get some bread,i thought okay i'll have Nutella sandwich for lunch and dinner today, and there was no bread at the supermarket too,she said wait until tomorrow morning,i found that very senseless to tell. i got some milk and serials and had my lunch.and it pissed me off so much,just fucked up my mood big time,so i came to write it down here,only to notice that time is 10:00,and its still not dark outside!
yea,then i realized just now what you just realized, i woke up at 6:30 AM !

Oct 4, 2007

The Year Of The Good Movies!

Imagine that You're nominated among thos!! what a year!!
Just a thought !


i have recently encountered some weird situations with "numbers"
i was flipping the channels,i flipped on a football match that i didn't watch,i just looked at the corner on the game's clock and it was 13:13 .that night i was reading at like 5 am 3al balcony,and without any any intention i looked at the page number it was 123the next day,totally without anything in mind,while reading i looked,and it was 213 !