Jun 16, 2011

long story short

The Five Obstructions – Denmark
long story short:
Lars Von Trier asks one of his all-time favorite directors to re-do his acclaimed 1967 film “The Perfect Human” five different times, each time with certain (and new) conditions set by Lars.
Film-making enthusiast or not, I think you should find this film intriguing, ask yourself the following: what is the most creative creation you have ever done? Whether it’s a story, a painting, I don’t know… an origami! Whatever it is, how can you make it differently? Five different times! Sounds “impossible”? I don’t think so.
I generally find the human mind just fascinating, and this is another proof of that, now whether the whole film is too scripted or too spontaneous is irrelevant to what I liked best about it.

Turtles Can Fly – Iran(q)
long story short:
Few days before the American invasion, we find ourselves in a Kurdistani refugee camp close to the Iranian-Turkish borders, we are introduced to many kids, with a lot of disabilities due to mines explosions and follow couple of heart-breaking-mind-intriguing stories. And if you think you know everything about Iraq, think again.
If you’re a fan of non-stop laughing and crying, watch this film. One last thing, all the main characters in the film are children which the director had found over there, they're real, genuine and brilliant.

Dog Days – Austria
long story short:
I’m not sure how to categorize this one! It’s not your typical linear-storyline film, even though at times it is, and it’s not exactly a documentary film!
It tells the story of couple of Austrian people/families on the hottest day Austria had witnessed in a long time. I don’t think I’ll forget about this film anytime soon. The characters were well played, one “funny” homeless/hitchhiker girl was just brilliant.
If you like analyzing society and the drive behind human beings actions, you’ll have a lot to talk about after watching this.

Good bye Lenin! – Germany
long story short:
A woman goes into a coma before the fall of Berlin wall and wakes up after it’s been history. Her two kids have to deal with that!
Simply hilarious, loaded with political messages, beautiful directing.

Crimson Gold – Iran
long story short:
I’m getting used to hearing Farsi, I haven’t watched one disappointing Iranian film yet! This one is just as good as Children of Heaven and The Color of Paradise (get those as well btw, it’s important you get those!). Crimson Gold takes you inside Tehran, to see the social gap between the rich and the poor and what it can lead to. Brilliant acting by the main characters I may add, and a story line that tricks you right from the beginning.