Jun 25, 2010

One year later

It has been a little bit over year since I got back to Jordan, I can definitely say that I love being here more than anything, I would have said the same thing before I left as well, but once you try being abroad you have a different understanding to what I'm saying.
Anyway, the highlight of this year is me getting a job, I want to talk about that because I think there's a good message in it, if you want to see it and believe it, cuz after all, it is all about preceptive, how you see and perceive things, everything can be looked at from more than one angle.
I spent 5 months looking for a job, I got to admit that I didn't know what the hell was I supposed to do now after my little project in Thailand failed, it was supposed to be my bold big break through and I tried as hard as I could but it just didn't work out, and I had no back up plan, I was that determined it will work out, it didn't break me it just made much "wiser". I asked friends for vacancies, I looked up jobs online, subscribed to couple of well known recruitment websites, I eventually paid one of them to rewrite my CV, I applied to 10s of jobs, what I didn't apply for though is what my university certificate qualifies me for; working in Insurance, Finance or Banking! sounds stupid ha? of course I was telling everyone that I'm applying to those too, but I wasn't, I didn't know what I wanted at the time, I was sure about what I didn't want though! I thought I'd die sitting behind a desk doing a "boring" job.
5 months later, a friend calls me up and tell me they have a vacancy for a "copy writer" at her company, she said she'd read a note or couple on my facebook and she thinks I can write nicely. I said yea of course I'll send the CV! I had no clue what copywriting was, I immediately thought of this symbol © ! I thought alright... a boring job still.... I thought I'll be writing legal Copy Rights stuff! I was so not expecting anything that i traveled to Palestine over the weekend and delayed the interview two days! I googled "copy righting"! and there was it "did you mean copywriting?", OH! copywriting.. what the fuck is that? I litteraly jumped off my chair when I started reading that wiki page, went the next day to the interview all hyped and excited, they liked me too, turns out there was a place for all my silliness and craziness, ALL of it in one place, my "job" needs "creativity" or as I like to call it "tkoon ahbal w faged", it needs you to be good in English and Arabic, which I happen to love (at 5th grade I made my own dictionary :D, I still have the original copy), it needs u to be able to translate, which I used to do FOR FREE just for the fun of it (and ppl always told me that I shouldn't be wasting my time like that for free!), and to get this job you should know for a fact that you can write, and I very strongly believe if it wasn't for this blog I wouldn't have known, It always surprise(d) me when people like(d) something I write.

I love my "job" -for the lack of a better word-, It's the best thing that happened to me yet, I'm getting better at it and will continue to do so, I get paid fairly well, moved to a new house, my life seems to be in order. Ofcourse there's still the loan i took to start my Thailand experiment and a lot of shit to deal with, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else right now to battle with those. piece of cake.

I forgot why I started writing this whole post, I was thinking about "luck" when a friend told me that I'm lucky to be doing something I love and passionate about, and I figured I wasn't lucky, there's no luck in what happened, I chose to do everything that helped me be qualified for my job, I chose not to work as a teller (with all my respect to tellers, my father started as a teller and finished big.. so), and I chose not to settle for "just anything". Do that.