Nov 25, 2008

The Great Women of My Life

There is something about women, that is so...unique?! if there is a word to describe it, when a woman love she gives, enormously and unconditionally , in an unimaginable way, I don't know and can't understand how they do it ,its just in them, and once one of those crossed your path, they leave a permanent print, which also puzzles me ,I can't understand how they do that-to me at least -,I find it very glamorous and enticing.

 Now why has this been crossing my mind lately I have no idea ! probably has to do with my fascination with this amazing French girl I recently met, and as usual , my too conscious and grossly subjective mind took me from thinking of the girl on the surface to think of the ones who mattered for real, and as usual ,because I can't easily give people credit for what they do ,compliment them, or tell them how I really feel about them -because I've got serious issues :/ - I find myself wanting to write it down and put it out there, hoping that someone would think "ohh how nice", and therefore the feeling of guilt of not telling these people what I want to say in their faces would hopefully go away, kinda tricking myself, but you see I'm grossly subjective goddamn me I can't really trick myself, but I’ll give it a shot .

 1st is my mother , and my mother haven't had the easiest ride of life , its not the usual mom sacrifices which are tremendous ,but being ill since the age of 20, a divorcee who could not witness 10 years of her children's life except for holidays ,and despite all that keep working ,teaching, for a whole 25 years ,staying as strong yet as emotional and vulnerable as you'd expect a mom to be, devoting -Hello Lady_D :) - her whole life , literally ,for her kids whom at times were ungrateful ,and eventually seeing how forgiving and giving she still is after they united ,gives her a higher status than all the moms I could think of . I live now to make her happy, thats my 1st priority in life, if I do that then I have no problem dying the next day, you know that part of Marcel's song ? "و أعشق عمري لأني إذا مت أخجل من دمع أمي؟" that’s my bible, I live by that .The other day I had a nightmare in which I was to be executed ,and when they asked me what’s my last wish was, I told them to bring me a tape recorder, so i could record myself pretending to answer her phone call "hello...ahlannn...I'm are you? too...i miss you too...yes I'll come back I just need to finish some work here...I have to go,I love you too,I love you I love you " and told them to call her once a month and play the recorder hoping that she'd buy it!

 My sister of course comes next ,she was the mom when there was no mom, always my best friend ,the kindest person to me ever, no matter what I did, and no matter how harshly she scolded me for keeping my room in constant chaos ,always took care of me, the almighty strong Naser as if I was a baby ! at times, I wished I could be her ,so she won't have to go through what she had to go through !I still do sometimes, now she is all grown up, successful, and about to be married , and she is still taking care of me! Not by waking up when I got back late from work to make me a cup of tea and a sandwich and get back to sleep. but overseas ! I can't overcome the idea that she'll no longer be my sister end of story. can’t grasp the idea of this new man comin into her life, I hate it, I know I know ... I had been talked about it enough but I still can't grasp it ,7or ana.I only wish I can pay her back somehow .

 A friend I had at the university, excluding my mom and sister, the most giving and generous girl I've ever met, so extremely unconditionally loved me and been there for me, knowing that I can't commit to loving her back as much, not because I didn't love her back, but the conditions could be tricky sometimes ,this one I know I haven't paid back enough, and when I tried it  was a lil bit too late ,but I'll never ever forget what she'd done for me that’s for sure .

 And last but not least, my ex boss, a single mom, and i don't think there is a tougher thing in the world than a single mom, such a role model ,independent, successful, strong, and so amazingly generous ,and when I say generous, I don't mean financially generous, that’s the easy part, its to give without being asked or obligated to, to give of your time and mind to someone else ,to help when you can, she had done me the greatest favor in my life ,if it wasn't for what she'd done to help me I wouldn't be able to be here, somehow, actually i wouldn't be able to do anything else before i have dealt with that ...and for that I’m forever grateful  .

 It is so beautiful to have connected with those 4 great women on this deep level ,I am so appreciative of that, I don't really believe in luck, but I can't find a better  justification to have been related to these people except for being lucky ! and that’s as "lucky" can get from me . People, tell the people you love I LOVE YOU, before its too late ,I’ll probably star with myself .

Oct 24, 2008

صباحات ذي الأصفر

طلع الصبح .. غاب الصبح ، جاء الليل .. طلع الصبح ،،، الليل هو هو ،وليلي هو هو ، وهم في الخارج هم هم ، في الموعد اليومي ، أوّلهم أسود ذي منقار أصفر وصوت مزعج لكنّ له صوتا على عكس رفيقي الأسود، لولا منقاره لما عرفته يوما من حلكة الليل ! يوقظ باقي الرفاق فيبدأون بالغناء كلهم..السّر الذي اكتشفته من معاشرتي لهم أنّهم ليسوا دائما يغنّون كما علّمونا في المدارس . أوّل التغريد توبيخ لرفيقي ذي المنقار الأصفر ،و من ثم قتال على الماء المتسرّب من أجهزة التبريد ..ماذا لو أصلحت أجهزة التبريد ؟

ثم بعد أن يشق الضوْء الأحمر الضوء الأسود، تأتي اليمامة تلك ،كاللتي تسكن حاراتنا ،الرماديّة المتثاقلة المشية ،صديقتي العربيّة !..حتّى حمامنا متثاقل ومموّه اللّون ،البارحة فقط ،خيّل إلي أن حمامنا دائم الحبَل ،لهذا هو دائما كبير البطن متثاقل المشية. إلاّ أن باقي خصائصه تميّزه عن غيره بلا شك ، يمامتنا يا سادة يا كرام ، آخر من يشرب دائما ! ولا تظنّ أنّي أسترسل في خيالي هنا ! فأنا أنتظر طقوسهم ليلة بليلة ،فهي أفضل ما تأتي به ليلة أرقة .. مخلوقات الصباح ،حتّى ذاك القط الأسود في سعيه اليومي خلف القطّة البيضاء على سطح قرميد البناية المقابلة ممتع المشاهدة ، أحلى ما في الأمر أنّ القط ينسى أمر الحمام واليمام والعصافير وكلّ شئ جاريا خلفه حبيبته البيضاء ! عجيب هذا العضو المُهرمَن في الذكور !

ومن ثم بعد الماء والغسيل والتوبيخ و تلاشي صوت ذي الأصفر تدريجيا ،لأنّه ينتقل لمكان أبعد قليلا ،ولكن بعد أن يتأكّد من سير الأمور على ما يرام أولا، بعد ذلك كلّه تبدأ التدريبات الصباحية ،يتجمّع الكلّ على سطح البيت التقليدي المقابل أولا ،ما سر البيوت القديمة والحمام على أيّة حال يختارها استراحة من دون البيوت؟ يبدأون بالطيران لمسافات قصيرة فرادى ،ثم زوجين زوجين ،ومن ثمّ رحلات أطول جماعية، ودائما يرجعون للبيت القديم ... إلاّ أحدهم، يبقى هناك في البعيد ولا يعود ،دائما أحدهم لا يرجع للبيت ، وأنا أقلق و أنتظر عودته ،ولا يعود !و أنشغل عنه برفاقه بعد أن أملّ انتظاره ، ومن ثمّ أنسى أمره .. حتى اللحظة !

والآن طلعت الشمس وصارت مزعجة ،كما طلعت معها مخلوقات النهار المزعجة ،أبناء آدم وحوّاء ،خير ما يتقنه هؤلاء هو إزعاج المكان و سكّانه ! فجأة يختفون ..يرحلون مرّة واحدة ،يذهبون لمكان آخر ! إن كانوا يغادرون بسبب الآدميّين فلا بد أنهم ذاهبون لمكان يخلوا من الآنف ذكرهم..آه كم أتمنّى لو أنّ لي أجنحة الآن ،،،أنا لم أكن يوما من الأطفال الذين يودّون جنحانا يطيرون بها ..لو أنّني تأمّلت طيرا قبلا لربّما اندهشت حينها كما أندهش الآن وتمنّيت الجناحان قبلا..لكن ماذا تراني كنت سأتمنّى الآن لو فكّرت في أمر الجناحان منذ زمن...من الجيّد أنّي لم أفكّر في الجناحان قبلا !

وثم تأتي فيروز.و أنا أسكت.و أسكن.ششششـ

Oct 17, 2008

The Downside of having a roommate & The Curse of Bab El Hara

Before i start ; I'm sorry everyone i haven't been reading nor i'll be abel to read your blogs any time soon,I'm still not settled n i don't have connection at home,but i promise once i do i'll spam your blogs like the good old days! :D.

So I've been living with a roommate to the 1st time ever,
exciting at 1st, you know the phase where each of you shows his best attitude ? yea that doesn't last long...humm..i wonder if this is the case with newly married ppl :D ? is it ?

Now after you're more friends than before and got to know each other quite (shout out to mab3oos =link to quiet) well,each starts to show his annoying habits, which i have loads of ,like not waking up under any circumstances until its "the time" to wake up,like him being locked out very late at night for two hours, or him calling his cell phone which he forgot at home 30 times panicking thinking it was stolen before he decides to come back home to tell me about it and finding me sleeping with his cell phone 5 meters away from me ! or my hideous habit of smoking anywhere at given anytime,finding cigarette ashes in the bathroom next to the tub (he didn't know that taking a bath,smoking,reading and drinking a beverage at a time in the tub is doable! not my fault!) add to that my controlling-freakingy-syndrome;what i call "the command center" =ie : TV remote control ,AC remote control, & the computer keyboard, must be at my reach at all one can change the channel (for his bad luck I'm fond of politics so the channel =< BBC world news..did i mention his English isn't that good too? he loves TV with me yea :/) . enough about me I'm notorious enough by now .

My friend,the Chef,didn't cook for us once until now,which makes still functioning due to unknown number of Chicken Burgers from 7-11,sticky rice from the street food thingi,and pine apple (its really cheap here :D ,talk about poverty crisis! aka ๅฬํไ ๆ ๆฺ ศำแษ สํไ ) LOL. he doesn't like talking politics :S ! we have a very different taste of music ,which makes me obliged to play him his Um-Kulthoom CD he brought with him from back home! (yea i said it,i don't like Um Kulthoom sue me :( ) and listen to him mumbling with the songs at times...which could be really ammusing given his natural ability to break out of any tune no matter how simple it was :D . he likes goin out to a particular place which i don't enjoy much !everytime,there is no way talking him out of it so . and ,he is freakin addicted to one episode of Bab El 7ara !!!!!!!!! the moment he enters the apptmt he simply CLOSES ALL the applications or documents I'm working on -very boldly :D- and goes to Bab el Hara folder and plays episode 19 ;the one that starts with Mo3taz talking to his mom abt how much he loves her,and then we fast 4wd to where Abo Sh-hab kicks those 3 guys' asses after they t7arkash-ing his wife,and then we repeat the part where Abo Ghaleb curses the Hara and the Hara's sister's bcuz no one gets in and manage to get out without his ass getting kicked anddddd then we'll focus really hard to figure out what proverb abo Ghleb says (something like : ศวัๆฯ วๅัศๆ..อใวั ศวแๅๆว ิสแๆ ฟ )is that correct ?please someone verify it you'll do me a great deal of favor i promise that when you have to laugh at something you don't find funny anymore over n over again i'll throw you a rope in retern :"""""( and then we'll 4wd to where Abo Hatem talks to his nephew about his dad and then he'll tell me that the boy isn't mrabba (well-mannered) and if he were Abo Hatem he'd slap the boy n then i'll explain my rasing-childiology vision and then we'll 4wd to Em Hatem crying in her bed while her daughter is being married and Abo Hatem's speech and then his fav part where Mo3taz and Riyad kicks her fiance's ass ,that would be repeated like 5-10 times.depending on when i lose my mind n start cursing and threat him to delete the bloody folder .phew...feels good to let it out.i freakin memorized the whole effin episode.
Finding out that the shaving machine's battery is dead when u thought there is enough too late,bcuz he never recharges it is obnoxious too !

But the most disastrous of all disastrous ... having a person who clutters stuff more than you do ! and i do a pretty good job in cluttering trust me !! BIG O-WOW! is that how my sister felt during all those years ?geeez...I'm such a horrible person !!! SORRY SIS !!!!!!! it is amazing.. now i understand where the anger came from after entering my room back home :/ poor sis... speaking of which ; my brother tells me what he misses the most about me is my Saga3a !!! and sister misses my 3afshakeh ! :D funny isn't it ? :D.

some people like my randomness some people hate it really ! see I'm helping you here,instead of commenting on the trillion things i mentioned you could pretend that u were taken by the last sentence and say yes i like it,no i don't you're too random for me.and thats it. :D

Adios :D.

Oct 9, 2008


So rumor has it that one should notify when he knows he's gonna be away from his blog for a while is that true ?? if so ,here I'm notifying ,copy that ?
I feel like I'm being reshuffled ,a lot is going on and u know when suddently everything seems so silly and small next to your big dilemma ? thats how is it . yalla adios .see you in i don't know how long .

Note : Toyoor Al-Hathar ,is one hell of a book I've read recently ,this is my favorite quote from it and it can come in handy right now ,Hannoon swearing :

يلعن التنكه يلعن الباب يلعن الشباك يلعن إبرة البابور يلعن الصحن يلعن الكندرة يلعن الشوكه يلعن المفك يلعن الجاكيت يلعن العصفور !ويلعني !

Sep 29, 2008

Going on second gear and to the left ,a not very happy Eid .

Eid, my annual boredom day of the year ,extra special episode.

I never really had this sense of Eid and all the relative visits and super excitement ,no much 1st degree relatives in Jordan and not that much of family friends,and your friends are always busy with their family visits and stuff,so the 1st Eid day is basically wearing a pjs for the whole day, boring TV,a sudden cut off from Ramadan series ,all in all Eid usually sucked .

But turned out it could be worse ,how ? you move some couple of thousands of miles away from home ,for one thing,you don't even have your siblings to share the usual boredom with,and you know that they're missing one too, also you're denied your right of bugging your friends about their family visits too ! so let me read your order again please sir, double cheesy shitty day and diet coke,would you like to super size it Sir ? - Yes please ! Sir you're crazy ! - No ,just listen .

Remember when you 1st took your father's car for a drive behind his back ? and after a while you needed to go on second gear ? your accomplice is nagging and reminding you of how important is it to coordinate the break,clutch and gear stick change all together ? That moment where the gear is actually changing and you could feel it to the 1st time,that tiny period of time where it felt like the car and the whole world stopped for a split of a second right in the middle of it,its like the world had gone into slow motion ,but your senses are on full alert your forehead is probably sweating and your chest is against the steering wheel and you're clinging to it for dear life and before you know it everything goes okay and you internally exhale like never before afterwards ? when you realized that the car isn't breaking down and you're not ruining your dad's car !!? See I've been stuck in that slow motion phase for a while now,so don't call me crazy,bitch !!! - whatever sir you're not crazy alright ! would you like anything else sir ? - Yes I do !

Remember after a while when you had to take the 1st left turn into a small alley and you couldn't really see well ? and your head suddenly turned into an unlimited math calculations trying to tick the turn light stick at the right distance and also turn the steering wheel at the right moment with the right pace and shit ?and then as you're going into it and the freakin world goes into slow motion again ?only you're scared to shit praying no car or child bump in front of you ,or having to go back to 1st gear ,and go through that agony again,and once more to go back on 2nd gear geez i could hear you swearing already chill chill ... yes it suck and yes its unpleasant,mind draining at times,but shut da hell up because you know once you're passed it its gonna be worth it ,no regrets, just get done with it already !... hey you still there ?? hello ? fuck!.

PS : I'm not sure if that made sense at all,and i don't really care this time.this is a smokes blow .
PPS : I don't drive,I don't have a license,and I don't know if what i described is anywhere near the truth ,i just thought It might feel that way .

oh and Happy Eid everyone ,have a good one enjoy it ! honestly .

Sep 27, 2008

How confident is too confident ?

Following my formal-wear shopping spree and 1st day as a 24 year old dude, I I had my 1st "typical" job interview . I've worked since i was...16 i guess, but I never thought about the interview and prepared to it as much as i did for this one ! A good piece of advice i had from an older friend was : "Remember, Interviews aren't about being creative, they're about confidence" ! sweet ! confidence..I've got plenty of that ,which is good ,until now maybe..two days posterior to the interview and they didn't call back yet !

That interview was the last in a chain of mini interviews in which i impressed my interviewers wearing my casual clothes and even wearing a cap once! but for this last one i was told to dress formal n stuff. There was this big shot director guy and my hopefully future direct supervisor too ,whom i totally overshadowed during the interview ,of course i didn't notice that when i was there, but thinking about it now,i think i made a mistake by giving all the attention to the director and ignoring the man who -if i was hired- would be my boss! good grief i even asked him couple of questions during the interview,asked him as in wanting to see how knowledgeable he was !!!not asking about work!! But what can i bloody do ??? thats how i am!I've been running my own show for the past year ,add to that I'm not the most modest guy about his "achievements" and self determination bla bla bla ,and I'm not intimidated by other's success ..should I anyway??

It started to get to me ! I'm anxious now ! A friend of mine told me to curb my enthusiasm and to have a subordinated attitude .I had to use my acting skills to the fullest when asked "are you better a follower or a leader ?" and "can you be a good follower?" honestly ? It felt like he spat on my face when he asked that, holy freakin smokes !"follower"?? wtf can't they find a less humiliating word ???????? follower my ass !

pffft....I really have no idea how that went ,I was super comfortable ,I didn't hesitate to ask questions back ,as if they were my friends, I even asked them about things they didn't know about and i explained to them !!!!!!!! geez I could be so stupid at times ! Looks like i blew it . I'm not sure though ..I'll give it till Monday . but either way.. from your experience people, did i do wrong ? or is that a good thing ? just to clarify ,In my previous work i was in charge of older people ,and for a year now I've been my own boss,thats where his irritating "follower" questions came from. so,shoot me ,where do you think i stand now ?

Sep 24, 2008

24 on 24 ,why isn't the year 2024 !!!!!!!!

It would have been nice if this year was 2024, Turning 24 on Sep 24th of 2024 .. I could have made one of those crazy-4wd emails predictions , or i could make it a "24" day, like I'd eat at times where the summation of hrs and minutes equals to 24 ,or I'll stay up for 24 hrs exactly ,or stay in the elevator until 24 stops are made ,you know keep it busy .. I could have had a real crazy day . But its not 2024 ,its not even 2004 !!

Friend : Happy Birthday man !.
Me : Happy birthday to you too ,thanks.
Friend : so , whats the plan ?.
Me : Replying all the emails ,messages,facebook and other forms of messages today !!.
Friend : oh,so nothing special ?.
Me : I might do the laundry .

I would like to thank Facebook ,for a very busy facebooking day ,gmail as well, honestly I'd like to thank the internet for its being ! of course it won't be anything useful if it wasn't for my friends ,whom I'm very lucky to have .I never use the word "luck" ,but with my friends ,I think I'm real lucky to got to know them all .Thx guys so much .

PS : next year If I'm still in Thailand , make sure you call me when its 12 AM Thailand time not Jordan time ,unless you didn't mind the half asleep grumpy Naser returning your calls and messages at 4 am last night :D

Have a good year everyone !

Sep 23, 2008

Formally Shopped,Formally Dressed ,Formally Retard !

I seem not to recognize my image anymore ! i can't recognize my head's shadow due to the new haircut ,and soon I won't recognize myself if i passed against a mirror ! The day had come where i have to wear formal clothes ! long sleeves shirt,a tie,those 2mash formal pants ,tucked in shirt,and a formal shoes AKA Kondara !
I thought I'll never have to deal with this issue,ever,i made my best not to ! I just can't see myself wearing formal !i look like a joker !well i look like a joker without having to wear pants that draws ur ass with tucked in shirt and a shoes which make you feel like you're tap-dancing when you're only walking !

So i went to formally-shop ! My friend Chanpen came with me,i thought a girl's opinion would do me big favor ! Long story short, I'm a matching-colors absolute retard ! I wanted the pants to be loose a bit,i could feel my feet suffocating with this tight end of those pants!!the waist oh the waist !holy smokes!!!!!!!its a leash !!!its almost at the neck !I don't wear my jeans on my knees with my boxers in the street,but i certainly felt unease wearing the pants that high!!

Now for the fun part of it ,I went to this big ass mall,it had a trizigillion shops ,small ones, with no fitting what to do ?they hand you a peace of cloth to tie it around your waist,and then you do your thing and change your pants somehow without showing your goods and very-odd-to-Thai hairy legs to the rest of the world .. 1) I felt like I'm suddenly in Oman ,2) I felt like Abo Ghaleb from Bab el Hara when he is at the bathing Hammam with this apron and the confusion and clulessness that came with it! i peacefully tried the 1st pants ,and bought it right away ,it was black,and it fit ! I really wondered what criteria do guys depend on when buying pair of those !!?? -someone answer me for real please- . and then came the shirt..due to a miscommunication, i thought it was Okay to just take off the shirt I'm wearing and put on the new one - the one second process that came to mind : Thailand -> Tourists -> Beaches -> topless -> its okay no big deal - ,just when I was done with the last button i figured i shouldn't be doing that !I mean the old woman waving and talking gibberish gotta mean something !so with all the confusion and embarrassment,I rapidly wore the shirt over the shirt I'm already wearing,and as rapidly took it off "its good,I'm taking it" . The tie : according to the old angry woman : " All ties goes with any shirt ! " sweet ! I was morally down 10-null and i had to make it up somehow !i took the 1st tie she gave me .

I'm so satisfied with the decision i took ages ago that I'm only going to wear running and basketball shoes ..after trying to stuff my feet inside those shoes today..holy molly ! i remember wearing my friend's shoes once but it wasn't as hard ! with lots of pushing,cursing and sweating ,i managed to push my feet inside,it was comfortable and i took it ! looks wise they all looked the same to me !i mean half of it is covered already,so .

Anyway ,guys I'd appreciate it if you left a comment of 3 color combinations, pants (lets focus on black or dark colors in general) ,shirt and a tie please I'll really appreciate it .

Sep 19, 2008

A perfect plan for Saturday 20/9 in Amman ! (works for Muslims,Christians and Atheists )

People of Amman ! You're lucky I wish i was there !
How about you start this very memorable day (I'm sure it'll be memorable for time to come) by going to Safeway Shmesani parking lot at 10:00 Am ,to meet with the rest of the volunteers from the Action committee to help distribute the Ramadni food packages in one of the centers in AlHussain camp to families whom are in bad financial conditions chosen by the center staff !? Help out some people you never met before ,see the little children faces ! they'll be so happy and grateful !and you'll wonder "did i do something that big to deserve this?" ! nothing sticks in your head more than the faces of happy children and trust me, they'll give you back of a good feeling more than you gave them of materials .There will be also a visit to one or two families in their houses if you'd like to have a closer look .

After you're back home,had your rest,had your breakfast ,head to Dar Al-Anda (دار الأندى) - Lwaibdeh (The event isn't canceled,its rescheduled ,same time but new place is Dar-Al Anda),there will be poetry reading and musical activity in the memory of Mahmoud Darwish at 9 PM . The genius Lebanese musician Khaled Al-Haber will be there ,I'm sure its gonna be great and hey its for free ! The perfect ending for a perfect day !

An important note though : If you'd like to join the food distribution activity please call and confirm at the following numbers ,because the numbers are limited :)

SARA 079 515 44 98
AHMAD 079 705 234 8
I'm going to steal this from the Action Committee msg :
Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give.

Sep 17, 2008

Bored with Darwish posts yet ?

Well I'm not .

Muhtaraf Remal is one of the places you must go-see if you live in Amman , and Abdel Aziz Abu-Ghazaleh ( I don't like to refer to him as the owner ,I'd say he is the one who take care of the place, and us,his friends,his so many friends ) is a person you won't regret meeting and talking to even if it was for a brief short time .

The Muhtaraf had held a number of events in memory of Mahmoud Darwish so far , the recent was couple of days ago in which they played this short film they produced for the occasion .

حضور الغياب

Next Friday September 19th Muhtaraf Remal is holding a unique event ,more than 150 kites will fly for the soul of the great poet mahmoud darwish, carrying his poetry and portraits to the sky (event details). The following day ,Saturday Muhtaraf Remal is holding a musical/poetry event at Mujamma3 Alnaqabat -Shmeisani (event details) Khaled Al-Haber will be there ! so trust me ,you don't wanna miss that !

Remal is one of those places that make you hate being abroad even more .Just in case you're wondering ,99% of the time there is no fees on entering Remal's events ,and i doubt these would be any different .

Thank you Abdel Aziz . and Thank you Shaltaf for the reminder .

Sep 15, 2008

Make Money Online Right Now ! 100% FREE "Spider Web System"

This very recent and new website ( Spider Web System ) - PLEASE don't go in yet,read and then go watch yourself - is spreading so fast all over the world ,I got to say that the video introduction is tempting , this time it is for free, you don't have to buy anything or pay for any refundable kind of package !

My 1st encounter with this kind of "marketing" easy-money maker was probably 15 years ago ,i was 9 or 10 year I'm not sure , a friend of dad's introduced him to Herbalife and explained to him how is he going to make money by doing nothing but talking to people . And I remember them all (dad n friends) agreeing eventually that we're not getting into this its fishy ! Ironically enough ,two years back ,my best friend's mom called me and said "I want you to come with me and my son to a business meeting ,its gonna be so good,i found you both good job" and guess what was it !?!?!? HERBALIFE !

My problem is ,see Hebralife for example ,it spread in Jordan AFTER "Buiznass" pyramid scheme (If you don't know what Pyramid Scheme is then click the link and do so ) company spread like cancer among people (specially young ones) and eventually figured out it was a scheme ! but people never learn !!!!!!

One might ask me , how do you know this one is a scheme ? well :
  • Their website is so amateur
  • The word (100% free) is repeated 100,000 times
  • They're trying so hard
  • I've seen it happening before with different people and different company ,every time a friend tries to convince me i have one thing to tell them : I'll see you in 6 months, If you're still doing it and making money, I'll double what you have . and it never happened .
  • YES, I DO BELIEVE that you have to work very hard to achieve something ,that whatever is so good to be true can't be true ,weather its a job, a girl friend / boy friend , a promise ... etc , whatever is too good to be true can't be true (except for me ,I'm real)
So I'm writing this ,hoping that someone would google "spider ass system" and land in here and realize that its a scheme . yes you're not gonna pay anything to join them but you'll have to become a pain in the ass for everyone around you and its gonna become an obsession ( as the video on their website says,they'll teach you how to become a pain in the ass whether you're on the internet, having lunch at your fav restaurant ,having a family meeting ,or at the grocery store ) you're gonna be frustrated with it ,and its just not worth it . spare yourself feeling stupid after you realize what you got yourself into .

Sep 14, 2008

The Internet Scammers won't scam me dammit !!!!! i wanna get scammed eh ! :/

I was *FINALLY* approached by one of those ! I was awfully happy, I played dumb so they'd go all the way with me, I wanted to experience 1st hand how do they operate ! but when i had too little too much fun with it ,the scammers knew i was bluffing :(

This is the 1st E-mail i received:

From : Lulwa Adams

reply-to :

Subject : From: Mrs Lulwa Adams

Attn: Dear beloved,

I am the above named person from Kuwait.. I am married to Mr. Lobi Adams who worked with Ivory Coast embassy in Kuwait for nine years before we left to Abidjan where he was re-appointed as a navy officer before his untimely death in the year 2007. We were married for eleven years without a child. He died in his home country Ivory Coast after a brief illness that lasted for only four days.Before his death we were both born again Christian.Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against.
When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of $3.5Musd (Two Million Five Hundred Thousand U.S. Dollars) in a trunk box deposited with one of the big security company here in
Abidjan as a family valuable .Presently, this box is still with the security firm (teet teet teet teet ...Calling : Michael Scofield). Recently my Doctor told me that i have serious sickness which is cancer problem. The one that disturbs me most is the high blood preasure sickness .Having known my condition I decided to donate this fund to a church or an individual that will utilize this money the way I am going to instruct herein. I want a church or individual that will use this fund for orphanages,widows, propagating the word of God and to endeavor that the house of God is maintained. The Bible made us to understand that"Blessed is the hand that giveth".

I took this decision because I don't have any child that will inherit this money and my husband relatives are not Christians and I don't want my husband's efforts to be used by unbelievers. I don't want a situation where this money will be used in an ungodly way. This is why I am taking this decision.

I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going (What is The Bank?). I know that I am going to be in the bosom of the Lord. Exodus 14 VS 14 says that "the lord will fight my case and I shall hold my peace".I don't need any telephone communication in this regard because of my health hence the presence of my husband's relatives were around me always as I don't want them to know about this development. With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the security firm here in Abidjan. I will also issue you an authority letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of this fund. I want you to always pray for me because the lord is my shephard. My happiness is that I lived a life of a worthy Christian.

Please always be prayerful all through your life. Contact me on the above e_mail address for more informations, Please assure me that you will act accordingly as I Stated herein.Note that out of the labour of our hands we shall eat from it, so you have some part of this fund as the labour of your hands to the fulfilments of Gods word in our lives.Hoping to receive your reply as soon as possible. presently,I am still in my late husbands home country abidjan capital city of ivory coast.

Remain blessed in the Lord.

Yours in sister,

Mrs Lulwa Adams."

1st thought : i thought these people were smart ! Mrs Lelwa from Kuwait ? A Christian too, I mean there are roughly 200,000 Christian in Kuwait ! and all those typos too ??? - FireFox anybody? -

2nd thought : i thought these people have access to our private data somehow !why did they expect i was a Christian ? my name ? maybe if i was still in the middle east !But I'm located in Thailand ( I assumed they checked IP addresses at least) ,the reasonable assumption should be that I'm a Buddhist !!

Anyway, i tried to play along ,i replied with this :

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!
I'm really sorry to hear about you !!!
what can i do to help you ?????? OMG may the Lord help you in your illness !!
I'm utterly shocked ! Please ,I'd love to help one in need!"

The next day ,i received the following :

"from : Lulwa Adams
reply-to :
subject Greetings My Dear.
Body :
Dearly beloved,
Greetings in the mighty name of God our savior.

I am very glad to receive your emphasise mail this afternoon concerning your zealous interest over the work of God(So Godly indeed!! ) and for this fund which i am entrusting in your hands for the propagation of the word of God.
Importantly, considering my detoriating and ailing health in which I am faced with life uncertainty, I will like you to contact Ms Charlotte Konan a saff nurse sister here in this hospital who has been very nice to me and I have all the informations about this deposit been handed over to her under the Lords direction and I will like you to contact and send to her, your full name together with your contact address in which will enable her, obtain a letter of authorisation that will be submitting to the security company, authorising them to change every relevant documents of this deposit to your name as the new beneficiary of the belonging. That will officially and legally approve you as the next of kin/beneficiary to this deposit in the security company from the Federal Ministry of Justice to declare whole heartedly that i have made you the beneficiary to my inheritance in the security company here-in Ivory Coast, so that even if i am no more you shall continue from there and request the security company to release or ship the belonging to you without any confrontation from any body.

do always remember me in your daily prayers for God's healing in my life, most especially, as I will be going through the surgery in respect of this cancer.

Thanks and God bless us all in his infinite goodness and mercy.

Remain blessed,

Mrs Lulwa Adams."

Interesting ha ? :D ,now here is where I got too excited about it ! I replied, with a name and imaginary address (but would make sense if they looked up a map of Bangkok) ,the problem is with the name I chose :/ I wrote :


May the lord save you my dear,
I'm really sorry to hear about you, this is heart breaking ,I'll do my best to make you feel as happy as you'd like to be in these days .but I need to understand what i need to do exactly ,
anyway here is my contact :
Mr Awlul Smada

Bangkok - Thailand
Sukumvite Soi 22 - Sweet'n'Sour mansion ,room 404"

I'm not sure that people that stupid did notice that my name is actually "her" name reversed ! or maybe Sweet n Sour residency is more Japanese than Thai :D wut do i know ,my journey ended here ! and i received the following :(

"from : Lulwa Adams
subject : Greetings My Dear.
body :

LMAO ,I replied them trying to seduice them to get back to me with a PS about Jesus being from Betlahem anyway but never got a response *sigh* ,my scam journey ended here unfortunately ! but how did they know where I was from anyway ? probably googled my name and/or email address and found my profile on some forum or something.”?”

The question that comes to mind : who falls for those ignorant ?? I'd assume someone as (or more) ignorant ! but I hear they're making good business out of this !

Using religion against people to tackle their feelings (or fears) is pretty powerful tool ,that only when you're ignorant enough about your religion to fall for it I believe . like those text messages that's been around in Jordan and other Arab countries ,or even phone calls ; where they tell you that there is a spell and magic on you and tell you some information about you ! and of course ,for some good chunk of your salary they can make it go away .LOL. problem is ,people not only sometimes fall for it, if they didn't ,they'd freak out, just because magic and spells were mentioned they'd freak the hell out and live in fear for couple of days .

"IGNORANCE" is Today's word !

PS : The Photograph (Professional Widow) courtesy of Meg . Thx Meg

Sep 13, 2008

Hilarious Palin-McCain "cartoons"

Sorry Palin fans, this might come off a bit mean ! funny-mean

PETA : People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals

my favorite :D

I found these pics @

Sep 12, 2008

My takes on Palin's 1st National interview with Charlie Gibson

If you're not so much into politics and wants the long story short i have a word for you : We're Fucked.
For everyone else :

here is the video ,and i wrote down the parts that caught my attention .
I'll add a time-stamp to where is it in the video :

[1:26] Gibson : This isn't just reforming the government ,this is also running a government on a huge international stage in a very dangerous world, when i asked John McCain about your national security credentials he cited the fact that you're the commander of the Alaskan national guard and that Alaska is close to Russia,Are those sufficient credentials ?

(Naser Thinking : I should write Mrs Palin a letter : Dear Mrs Palin, Thank you so much for making me realize that i can right now achieve my dream ,I've always looked at the train passing by from my window ,Only now i realized that its more than enough to be close to something to actually understand and know all about it ,I'm going to drive that train tomorrow ,and if i wreck it and cause a disaster...well : HELL IT WAS WORTH THE RIDE.)

Palin : BUT IT IS ABOUT REFORM of GOVERNMENT !and its about putting government back on the side of the people and that has much to do with foriegn policies and national security issues ( Naser thinking : Aha,so govmt reform and putting gvmt back on ppl's side has much to do with national Security,thats sound cool Mrs Palin) let me speak specifically about a credential that i do bring to this table Charlie and thats the energy independence ..[and she goes on and on on oil n gas]
( Naser Concluded : Republicans home telephones rings this way: drill drilllll...drillllll drill..drill drillll )

Gibson : National security is a whole lot more than energy .
Palin : it is ,but but i want you to not lose sight of the fact that energy is energy is a foundation of national security. its that important, its that significant
.(Confused Naser : which is it Mrs Palin ? Govt reform and ppl..or Oil ? would be straightforward Mrs Palin!!!!!)

[3:08] Palin :... You gotta remember what’s the desire is in this nation at this time ,it is for no more politics as usual, and somebody's fat big resume maybe ..that shows decades and decades in that Washington establishment
(Note to Mrs Palin : Hummm...who is your candidate again Mrs Palin ??...The old man with big fat resume and decades in that Washington ? or is he the other skinny dude?oh but he lacks experience ! right. He is not ready!)

[4:17] [after she answered the 1st question about Russia] Gibson : what inside into Russia [mumbling something I couldn't understand] couple of weeks ... ?.
Palin : They're next door neighbors and you could actually see Russia from land here in Alaska !
Tchoo Tchooooo,Trainy Train here i comeeeeeee )

[after he asked her if "we" have to go to war if Russia went into Georgia ] :

[4:40] Palin : Perhaps so. I mean, that is the agreement when you are a NATO ally, is if another country is attacked, you're going to be expected to be called upon and help. (Reference : How to use A NATO, For Dummies . Pages 1-1)

[5:29] Gibson : What if Israel decided it felt threatened and needed to take out the Iranian nuclear facilities ?
Palin : well 1st we're friends of Israel, and I don't think that we should second guess the measures that Israel has to take to defend themselves and for their security . (Going Onceeee ! why do i hear an Auctioneer in the back of my head ?!?!?! )
Gibson : But if we didn't second guess it and the decided they need to do [repeats].
Palin : I don't think we can second guess what Israel has to do to secure its nation .(The voice is louder now : Going TwIIIIIIIIIIIIice)
Gibson : so if it felt the need to defend itself buy takin out the Iranian nuclear facilities that would be alright ?
Palin : we can’t second guess the steps Israel has to take to defend themselves . ( And Sold : YOU’RE OFFICIALLY FUCKED NASER ).

[6:59]Gibson : Do you agree with the Bush doctrine ?

Palin : In what respect, Charlie?

( According to Calculus 102 ,it’s always in respect to the Ex ,I mean X ,or to the Y are you dumb ? *shoots himself in the knee with a rubber bullet * )

[7:40] Gibson: The Bush doctrine, as I understand it, is that we have the right of anticipatory self-defense, that we have the right to a preemptive strike against any other country that we think is going to attack us. Do you agree with that?

Palin : Charlie, if there is legitimate and enough intelligence that tells us that a strike is imminent against American people, we have every right to defend our country.

( *whistling* WMD ? CIA ? Would that do it ? )

[after he asked her if its okay to make cross border attacks on from Afghanistan into Pakistan without the Pakistani's approval :
Palin : bla bla nonsense bla blab nonsense la la la la la ….. .

[8:33] Gibson : but governor I'm asking do we have the right in your mind to go to go across the boarder with or without the approval of the Pakistani government ?]
Palin : in order to stop Islamic extremists those terrorists who’d seek to destroy America and our allies we must do wutever it takes and we must not blink Charlie in makin these tough decisions on where we go and even who we target . ( Come out come out wherever you are Mustafa .. oh..Mustafa is hiding among civilians ..women and children !! well…said the moose hunter : Wherever ,Whoever ,just DON’T BLINK, close you’re eyes if it makes you feel better )
Gibson : let me finish this, I got lost in a blizzard of words here ,is that a yes ? [he repeats the question ]

I believe America has to exercise all option in order to stop all those terrorists who are hell bent on destroying America and our allies .we have got to have all options out there on the table .

I say ,If this woman gets in office ,we’re seriously screwed. Its beyond outrageous ,the idea of someone like this woman would be the VP and probably the President of the USA !!!!!!!! Hillary would have made a good president ,well good or bad, at least one would say she knew what she was doing ! but this Mrs Palin … WOW .

here is the video .

Have your say !

Sep 11, 2008

My Super Simple Fool Recipe

After countless times of humiliation asking girls for different recipes its time to pay back,feel equal, YES ,Thanks to my dear friend Rawia, I will finally give a recipie to someone else !today I even the score [ Yes one recipi on my part would do,I'm a cooking sensation-less kind of guy ]
* 3o2bal 3nd el ba2yeen *

So here is how I do my fool , my recipe might not sound recipe-ish enough , but its common sense ,easy and simple ,because my brain can't really understand all the little additions girls like to do .we're doing the simple foot,the one that smells like home ,but necessarily taste like it :D here is how its done :

1) Bten2a3e el fool ,half a mug or a bit more will be enough for one good plate , i suggest you leave it to soak over night !thats what i do .we don't want any surprises .

2) The next day ,betjeebe tanjara feeha water ,w bte'3sele el fool and then you add it to the water until the water start boiling, turn it down ,5alle 3amahlo ,and let it take as long as it wish to ,until its mushy mushy . you'll notice that the color of the water is turning brown ,don't freak out, after many attempts to wash it ,i discovered that it give a good taste ,we'll add it later.

3) halla hoooon bedha m3allem : you take out a portion of the fool ,put it in a "little" deep pan ,add to it a little bit of it's water ,put it on the stove (real low) and start mashing it !mash and stir mash and stir mash and stir ,it shouldn't be so solid, wala kteer liquid-ish ,if you felt it needed water add a bit .. u know !

4) add to it a salt ,and half spoon of T-heeneh ,Tahina wutever you call it ,and keep stirring ,it'll come together a little bit ,you might want to add a bit of water ,depends .

5) now myy contribution to the dish : take it off the stove ,and pour the whole thing in the blender ,squeez a bit of lemon ,maybe salt ,you can taste it now most people leave it at there and eat it ,and blind ,blind it until its as soft as you'd like it to be ,put it again in the pan if u felt its too thick ,and add some water,stir a bit .and thaaats it.

w sa7taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain w 3afyeh .its super ;) give it a try.

You Don't Mess With The Zohan !?

I admit ! I laughed my (ass/head) off at times !and then at times i crossed my eyebrows and wore my disgusted-annoyed-of-stereotyping face ,but then after a while there would be a joke and stereotyping about the Jews.and then i thought : well I'm laughing at their jokes ! why can't i be a sport and take it with a laughter ? and then conspiracy theories started to build up in my head,counting and measuring jokes,fights winners and stereotyping to see if the movie is biased (well whom am I kidding ?!i was making sure of how much they're biased ) but the problem is !I was enjoying the bloody movie !well the 1st half at least was full of laughter !

And then i thought ,bloody hell!why can't I enjoy it for what it is ?! but the worst part is,I didn't really know what to think .here is how the movie goes (won't spoil it) :

Zohan is an Israeli counter terrorist ,he is a combination of Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk (only he is not green and doesn't pump up,but he was already bumped up all the way in a certain area) ,Batman,Robin,3antar el 3absi,Qais Ebn El Molawwa7, Peter Petrelli (from Heroes) and Mo3taz from Bab El7ara all together .
His rival on the Palestinian Side is الشبح The Phantom ! who I'd say would be half Peter Griffin half Karati Kid ! and thats the 1st uneasiness in the movie.

Zohan's passion in life is hairdressing ,so he leaves to the States to pursue his dream ,where he end up being working at a Saloon owned by a Palestinian girl (the actress who played the role looked middle eastern but she isn't Arab) . Of course the story goes as each of you is thinking .but with a twist ,see ;the street where Zohan worked is Israeli on one side,and Palestinian on the other side . They'll have their share of disputes ,but to avoid taking sides on who "wins" or who are the good guys and who are the bad ones , the blame end up being on a group of rednecks ! Israelis and Palestinians eventually unite ( Background music : Mon Amuor,better known as Monamor ) and everybody lives happily ever after !

The movie isn't that bad really, each side had their share of the jokes ,Obama and Mc Cain as well :D If i had to delete one scene of the movie tho I'd delete that one where Zohan doesn't want to "fight anymore" and Phantom keeps teasing him about it trying to get him to fight him ! That was never been and never will be the case .

Another thing that bugged me, Ahmed Ahmed (from the Axis of Evil comedy tour) and other Arab/American comedians were given roles in this movie, but they were so tiny you wouldn't notice them if you don't know them.

Watch it and be the judge .

PS : there is couple of Arabic cussing words in the movie :D

PS II : Its 9/11 . I'm feeling an urge to mention that ,I have no clue why is that ! Shit Am I unconsciously guilty ?!?! anyway.Happy watching.

Sep 10, 2008

What da hell does "Manifesting" exactly means ?

I thought i had an idea on what does "Manifesting" means ! That until i came across this paragraph while reading in Coelho's "The Zahir" I'll quote :

"If someone is capable of loving his partner without restrictions,unconditionally,then he is manifesting the love of God.If the love of God becomes manifest, he will love his neighbor. If he loves his neighbor ,he will love himself. If he loves himself, then everything returns to its proper place"

So , two questions :
what does it mean to Manifest ? and what did you make of the former passage ? If you didn't get it please say you didn't , unless I'm the only one !

Note : To help you Manifest while getting the right words to get me to understand what does it mean to manifest ,I'll leave you with this .( i looked up "manifesting music" :D ) I hope it helps !

Sep 9, 2008

يا نظال بؤلك شريت شوكلاته بس ما جبت ايس كريم ليش مش مسدجني يا زلمه؟؟

مر عليكم جمله زي هاي عالإنترنت من جبل ؟ أو سمعتها بالجامعه أو بأي مكان ثاني ؟

أنا لهلا نفسي أفهم عقدة اللهجات اللي عنا اياها ! يعني ما بتشوف بنت كاتبه أو بتحكي شوكلاطه؟ ! كلهم بصيروا "شوكلاته" - تاء مخففه كمان! و "ايس كريم" هاي! أي أنو فينا كان يحكي لأبو جيبلي معك أيس كريم و هو زغير؟ بجوز في بس بتوقعش النسبه العزمى بتحكي هيك !!

زمان بمدرسة الحكومة ... كانت إمو تكون داعية عليه اللي يغلط بالصف و بتفلت منو كلمة بالأه - الله يسهل عليك يا "محمد طائيه" كان ولد محترم و يا محلا..للصف السادس بس ! غلط و حكى لأستاز الرياضه "علاء أخدلي طائيتي" ! هو علاء كان مشكلجي ،بس هو ضل حدا سائل عن علاء و عن ملاء يومها ! للصف العاشر والناس بنادوا محمد طائيه ! أنا ولحسن الحظ ما انمسكتش ولا مرة ..بس إنو مش اجتني عقده نفسيه لا حكي فاضي !!! مرة أبوي كان مروح يم مع ترويحتي أنا و ولاد صفي والتقينا عباب العمارة..و أبوي وقف سلم علينا و عارفين الأهل :\ لازم يسألو عن الأسماء و كيف دراستكم و المحاضره المحرجه هاي !و إجيت بدي احكي كلمة كان لازم تبعا للكود أوف كوندكت تبع المدرسة و سمعتي الخاليه من الهمزه أحكيها بالجا ! بس شو بدي أضحك عأبوي يعني ؟ :\ الله لا يحط حدا بهالموقف ! المهم لجيت كلمة بديله أنقذت الموقف بس الموضوع لساتو في بالي !

كمان إشي بجلطني .. الشباب اللي بحكو من بيت أهلهم بالجا و مع البنات أو بالشغل بحولوا عالهمزه اللعينه ! لأ الألعن هم البنات اللي بحكو بالجا و بحولوا فجأه ! أخ ! لا ما بكون مبين ! أبدا أبدا ! مرة بنت جيرانا من زميييييين عبييس حكت لأختي " استني بس أسلئ شعري " ( أسلئ = أسلك ) 0

فالموضوع بمتد من الكبار للزغار ! و الموظوع مدايئني ! بدرب على عسبي ! طب شو السر ؟ ليش هيك إحنا ؟؟ لازم حدا مختص يدرس هالموضوع بالأردن ! مش مزبوط هيك .. أي انا استاذ التوجيهي تبع الكيميا عملي أزمة نفسيه لمدة شهر تقريبا من بعد ما داومنا..كييييف هالمحترم بحكي مع الطلاب بالأه ما كنتش فاهم !بالأخير حكيت هاد الزلمة مجنون فش فيها ! يعي للتوجيهي و أنا بشاور بحالي ..0
should i come out of the closet or not :/

أي و وجع يخلع نيع هيك مجتمع شو إنا منافقين و متخلفين !! ولا هي جايه عهاد الموضوع ؟؟ يا ريت كل البلاوي زي هالبلوه .

خلص شعبرت عن معابري . شؤرا لحسن الإستماع

Sep 7, 2008

Never cut your hair where they don't speak you language !!

After one year of not cutting my hair here in Thailand,I thought its time to do it ! and wish i didn't ! No I didn't keep it long because I was afraid of going to the barbershops here,i kept my hair long for years,but one important reason for keeping it long here is not trusting Thai barbershops ! i know its silly and stupid :p

So I called a friend who has been living here for quite long time now,I asked him where does he cut his hair,he said come to my place tomorrow ,there is a nearby place !So i went today morning , too excited & too early ! :d he was still sleeping,so he just gave me the directions and i went on my own. Most of the shops were closed ! to realize ,ITS SUNDAY ! :/ - i have a Friday,Saturday,Sunday "weekend" problem ! :d - but there were two opened places i could see. so i thought okay,lets try one of them.

I entered the 1st place,there was no one ,but a dog :/ who came running toward me,I hate and scared of dogs :D - off topic fact : there are dogs in Bangkok ten times the number of cats in Amman - ,so i closed the door fast and went to the other place thinking "what a happy day !!!"

I opened the door of the second place and once i walked in,the owner -a woman- freaked out and put her angry face on and started waving me to get out and kept repeating "no ,no,may mee may mee " :/ i stepped outside and i was shocked!wut da hell did i do wrong !so i tried miming from behind the glass that i wanna cut my hair :/ and she wouldn't let me in !!!!!! wut da hell I'm really curious why were she that angry :D.

ANYWAY,I found another one ,the girl on the reception saluted me in English -good good- ,i sat down on the chair,and the barber came holding his scissors and inspecting my face ,before he asked i said "Jordan,I'm from Jordan".he didn't respond ! i thought he was just another angry person ,with the angry dog and angry woman it only makes sense to complete the set ! but NO,the man didn't speak English !

I tried explaining to him what i want,and how long i want the hair to be,he nodded ,i felt comfortable "Okay! Miming works!" ,basically ,he started with from the TOP of my head,which isn't how its done in Jordan ! but i thought : to each their own ! maybe thats how its done here !when my hair went too short from the top,i knew its not gonna be a happy cut !

In short,it took two hours,and i got angry,and cursed and cursed in Arabic - its been a while - , i pulled my hair ,I called my friend who didn't pick up!all i wanted is to get the barber to just make it the same length on every side ! but the man was scared,and wutever i tried to explain ,he'd just nod ,nod,nod ,come to execution?he didn't get a thing !

It was miserable,miserable day ,i don't care about how i look right now,I'm happy that i walked out with little hair still on my head . and i will NEVER cut my hair except in Amman ! :/

photo update
[Pictures removed due to LAMENESS violation ]

Sep 6, 2008

a visual masterpiece : The Fall

If you liked the movie "Big Fish" and thought it was really well made for a fiction movie , you must watch "The Fall" .

I didn't watch Tarsem Singh's (The director) 1st movie "The Cell" ,but I'll make sure to watch it sometime ! The movie is one continuous stream of fantasy portraits ,the colors,the scenery,the events ! its mind blowing , Its like watching good theater ,only in too many different places,with a bigger capacity !

And mark my word, Hollywood has a new child star ,memorize this name "Catinca Untaru" at times i wasn't really sure were she acting ? or were she just being herself ! and thats where you know an actor/actress has it !when you can't tell if they're acting or thats what they are in real ! you can't help but fall in love with this girl!

The movie is simply telling a story ! The story is being told by a patient -a stunt actor- to Alexandrea -the little girl - ,as the movie goes on, their relation develops ,and we get to know more about the girl's story .

Meanwhile ,there is a story of strength and despair of the story teller himself ,and the little girl become an important player in dealing with his situation !

And our little friend has a bit of a wild imagination ! add
that to the original story being told,the breath taking locations and scenery , and there you have it!
a visual masterpiece ,a memorable picture .

Enjoy the trailer

Sep 4, 2008

وزير الإعلام المصري : المسلسل(ناصر) لا يصلح للعرض في رمضان لأن مسلسلات هذا الشهر للتسلية فقط

انتقد فنانون وكتاب قرار وزير الإعلام المصري منع عرض مسلسل يتناول حياة الزعيم الراحل جمال عبد

الناصر على التلفزيون الحكومي، متهمين الوزير بـ"تسيس" الدراما الرمضانية لإلهاء الناس.

ويحكي المسلسل مسيرة جمال عبد الناصر في الفترة ما بين عام 1926 إلى يوم وفاته في سبتمبر/أيلول 1970

وقال الكاتب يسري الجندي مؤلف مسلسل "ناصر" إن قرار المنع "يتسم بضيق الأفق". وأضاف أن

المسؤولين "يخشون استحضار تجربة عبد الناصر أمام المصريين في الوقت الحالي".

وتابع الجندي للجزيرة نت "الحقبة الناصرية رمز للكرامة العربية والتحرر من التبعية للغرب، وإن عرض

هذه الملامح في ظل التردي المصري والعربي وحالة الانبطاح الراهنة بالتأكيد أمر مقلق لهم.. لكن عبد

الناصر وتجربته موجودان في قلوب الناس".

وانتقد الكاتب والسينارست الكبير أسامة أنور عكاشة عرض التلفزيون المصري مسلسل "نور" التركي

الشهير في وقت يرفض "عرض تجربة مصرية وعربية أصيلة". وقال "لا يهمهم أن يفسد (نور) عقول

الأولاد والبنات، المهم عندهم ألا تصل أي رسائل سياسية للناس".

وأضاف عكاشة إنهم "يخشون أن يثير المسلسل مقارنة بين عهد عبد الناصر والعهد الحالي (للرئيس حسني

مبارك) وبالطبع هي مقارنة محسومة لعبد الناصر، لكنهم بغير قصد صنعوا أكبر دعاية للمسلسل في مصر

والدول العربية".

الجزيرة نت

والله ما أنا عارف اذا مسلسل يحكي عن حياة جمال عبد الناصر غير مناسب لرمضان فشو هو المناسب !!! مالهم

انهبلوا المصريين !!! ناصر بطل عاجبهم !!! والله خبريه

لا و شف هالوزير ..قال مسلسلات شهر رمضان للتسلية فقط !! أما زمن الدول فيه بتخاف من أبطالها