Sep 3, 2008

Google Chrome : fairly good !! IE,goodbye for bloody good !

Finally ,when i'll have to use something else than FireFox for wutever reason ,I'm not going to suffer through using IE !

Google chrome is the new google browser ,its available in Beta version still ,its light and fast ,so far so good.

you can import your settings from FF while set up , here is the home page where you can download it from .

the address bar automatically fills the matching addresses and at the same time suggests searching options (no need for search bar anymore ,and it gives you the option to set your default search engine from the settings (google,yahoo,wutever...) ).

The "new Tab" isn't a blank page ,it will have thumbnails for your most frequently visited pages ,which looks super cool :d and on the side-bar your recent bookmarks !

I'm not blown away however , so far i couldn't find any add-on !
BUT,it will make a good substitute for the IE for me at least. I hope/sure these things will be added in the next version.

check out the google chrome press conference here

Posting from the new google-chrome,kana ma3akom moraselekom :....*drum roll* ..Naser! happy browsing :D


Anonymous said...

its Like Opera Browser :)

NasEr said...

well here is where google's continuous good job pays off .I'm willing to try Google's new browser but not any other :D

Qwaider said...

It's not like Opera, It's more like Safari, and it's GORGEOUS! I'm TOTALLY in love with it! It's also much faster than opera and firefox.

I think it will succeed where Firefox, Opera, Safari and the rest of the "alternate" browsers have failed.
Additionally, I think, believe it or not, It will make IE better :)

And I'm completely in agreement with what Naser said above, people are willing to give Google a try, but none of the others.

So the next battleground is really not going to be FF vs Chrome, it will be Chrome vs IE8, so far, chrome wins!

By the way, Chrome comes with a built in debugger, just right click on the page and select "inspect" and you have the equivalent of Firefox's "firebug" plug in.
I'm sure the community will churn up many more very soon

NasEr said...

hey Qwaider, i really hope the email notifier add on comes out soon !i can't live without it :/ and i can't and hate to use that outlook thingi :d

thx for passing by

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