Mar 12, 2009

BAJD - Top 10 annoying things i miss about Jordan

Finally ! blog about Jordan day is here ,its 2 AM March 13th here but hey its still March 12th in Jordan :D ! I'm super excited since its my 1 missed the 1st time,i was a newbie n didn't realize what was going on I LOVE YOU JORDAN.

So,starting with the Top 10 annoying things i miss about Jordan :

  • 10 - The too many loud annoying kids in the street playing football 24/7 ,giving you mean looks for interrupting their game when passing by !
  • 09 - Everybody asking you "how are you doing?" the moment they see you even though you know they don't wanna hear an answer,and you answering "I'm good" no matter how you feel.and repeating that 1000 0000 0000 times a day.
  • 08 - Having to kiss guys like 10 times after a long hug ! i even miss shaking hands !ppl here salute in the weirdest way,look (Imagine you'd seen someone you miss so much,you both walk toward each other in a fast pace,hey hey hello hello and when you come close to each other you hit the breaks and do that! I'd take the hand shake!)
  • 07- The sound (or noise) of repeated strikes of a wrench on a gas cylinder by the Egyptian worker wandering around small alleys with his little cart .
  • 06 - Your friend honking ; disturbing the whole neighborhood at night to let you know he is here (Sorry neighbors !i do miss that) I never thought I'd miss cars horns but i do !
  • 05 - Listening to the horrible songs choices in public buses ,boy is that something !and this (Download :D) : إللي عندو ثلاجات...غسالات..مسجلات..ردايات -جمع راديو- ..تلفزيونات.كنبيات غرف نوم ،طوايل -جمع طاولة- مراوح عتيقة للبييييييع
  • 04 - Weather talk with random people in random places !
  • 03 - smoking inside the car (my guilty pleasure,sorry Jordan i know i shouldn't miss that ,I'm changed but I can miss it still eh! )
  • 02 - Having Hummus and Falafel everyday you're almost sick of it.
  • 01 - The Taxi Driver who keeps talking about anything and everything,who knows one thing about any country in the world even though he never been outside Amman,who have a cousin (Wasta) in every single department in the country, who keeps talking until you get out of the car,and of course,he doesn't have change ! I miss that dude .
Even though these are really really annoying habits and events, but i do miss it so much , moreover ,i think that i love it! this is part of who we are after all ,getting rid of the honking habit isn't bad though,neither is respecting others spaces and not smoking in public places, creating safe children playground sounds good too ! But you can never find a solution for the Hummus Falafel dilemma !hell,who wants that to be solved,i say keep it ! I love Jordan,i love the people of Jordan,When I go back for a visit,like the last time,the 1st thing i'll do when i step out of the plane is to stick my nose out and inhale as much air as i can and savor it !


Anonymous said...

CUTE! So can you eat Falafel with chopsticks?

NasEr said...

loooooool KinziI SURE CAN , hell i might eat Mansaf now with chopsticks :p

Whisper said...

I love it :D

mostly number 5 WOW I'm living in Jordan and long time i didn't hear this, btw I downloaded it thanks :D

Anonymous said...

its good you did not miss BAJD this year!!
nice list. i bet Jordan misses you too.

mab3oos said...

How about music stores in the downtown area blasting their annoying music all day long. And in Ramadan, they play Quran!

MommaBean said...

Congrats for making BAJD this year! Nice post, I enjoyed it...

NasEr said...

Hello Whisper,welcome to my blog, glad you liked it :D don't you use that as a ringtone tho lol

Thx for passing by Summer

LOL Mab3oos,well that doesn't exactly annoy me personally :D lets not start on hypocrisy it'll take a while :D

Thanks Mommabean ,glad you liked it :)

Anonymous said...

NasEr said...

thanks Hamede ,will save me lots of time looking BAJD posts up :D

Anonymous said...

Your post reminds me of something I wrote about 2 years ago, except I had 15 points lol. You start missing the weirdest things once you are gone :\

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