Aug 28, 2009

About Kamel Nsairat's رسالة رمضانية موجعة , By Anonymous

Deleted Upon request from the concerned  person .


NasEr said...

There's much more to this than what you and the sweet lady see as common sense , IMHO, this is a result of many thing ;
1) There's this belief that الولد بيجي و بيجي رزقو معو , I heard that a lot when I previously discussed this with some families with large number of kids .
2) Another deep rooted belief in God , الرزق على الله
now i won't debate those cuz u can't win against God no matter what, even though the understanding of the previous statements could be debatable,but i think the most important reasons for such behavior arepoverty and ignorance (or poor education) Poverty calls for more children to help with the income,it also means less chances to good education,that education in or region that's already lacking sex health education ,you can debate my approach as you like but here's a question : would this happen to a well educated house hold ?cuz remember education isn't only math and science,its so many other things .
one more thing to make it even more complicated,i can't but note that a lot of our (as Arabs) very excelled and noted individuals came from very poor families with very little money to spend,but they all struggled to complete that education -as far as i know-,and that's the key i think.

Farah and Yazid said...

kaffait o waffait bel comment ta3ak :)

Anonymous said...

Well I won't argue ur first two points …but I'm gonna tell u about pets :p no comparison whatsoever I just want to get a point thru ! Getting a pet is a serious decision , it needs careful thinking and planning , one has to be sure he wants this pet and the responsibility that comes with it..feeding , grooming , paying the vet's bills , training the pet ..the list goes on and on . I have two cats which take a lot of my time and affection , when I'm away I worry about them , when we have a new litter I pick the homes they go to , make sure they go to ppl who love and care for them . Cats demand attention , they're playful n may break things around the house , a common trait is that they scratch , even if u have a scratching pole they like to experiment their sharp little claws on different textures… carpets , wood , couches n curtains … a solution would be to remove surgically their nails , or cut the tendons so they won't be able to scratch .. A horrible and cruel procedure which will leave them defenseless in the case of ur demise la sama7a allah…or if for any reason they got lost ..
At our household , we decided to live with scratched furniture , it was one of the easiest decisions …having the male neutered was harder , he kept spraying a really stinky substance everywhere , it's always a territorial thing for males :eyeroll: it didn't affect him much , just became fat and lazy ..another male trait …lol I'm kidding guys

Anyway , I hope my point got thru , do not make big decisions hastily , especially when it's about other lives

I'll be back to comment on ur last point …wait for me

and the article itself , which is painful by all means .

Anonymous said...

naser , u say that poverty and ignorance call for more children to help with the income , well it's very poor judgement n a very bad investment , when i invest in my children it means giving them the best i can afford , education , a decent life , more education to help them start n build their own lives not to pay me back..this way we're all losers , as children they're a burden on me , as adults i'll be a burden to them...such a vicious circle don't u think ?

a kid should look up to his father , what kind of a role model is he giving them ? what ambitions ?

a couple of years ago i heard of a similar story , worse conditions , a family of 13 living in a cave somewhere in the south ,then u hear statistics about juyoub il faqr and so ...

i'll quote one of the replies here

"إتقوا الله في أنفسكم وفي أولادكم "

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