Aug 27, 2009

Facebook prayer

Repeat loudly please :

Dear facebook
I pray tonight with a sorrowful heart ,please show me the path to where I can no longer see those quizzes where humans wonder what kind of animal they are and such.

PS : I promise I will be a good kid and will not abuse my status anymore,people really don't need to know when i take a shit.


Comrade Abu Nablus said...


Wafa' said...

Amen to that !

Wa3d said...

Hide the imbeciles ! =D

fe option z3'eer bjnb el wa7ad use it! I am using it excessively hal yomen! el shbebeh nazleh bel quizzes o e mafia wars w allazi menu oh and fortune cookies as well and those horrendous polls which promote discrimination and insult religions\nationalities !
I hid all of them ! any one who abuses those applications is hidden as well !

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