Aug 6, 2009

Believe it or not,it happened in Amman!

The Taxi meter is 1.64 JD

I gave him 2 JD
he gave me back 36 piasters (quarter,10 piasters,and ONE PIASTER COIN) !!!
and no it wasn't this one extra piaster he wanted to get rid off,he has a little sack full of those for change !
Happy day ha?!

oh in case you're wondering i gave them all back,i almost said poetry in him right on the spot :D.


sharar said...

no in palestine its cheaper than jordan
the المشوار just 1.50 JD
so bad in jordan

Anonymous said...

I am here to say hello "dear Naser".. how are you ??

NasEr said...

Sharar LOL, ay into el wa7ad bemshe nos el meshwar mashi 3a rejlaih 3ashan haik :DD

Noura hello dear :D..ana mesh mnee7 kteer,keefek inte ?

sharar said...

no naser today the taxi or the ford come to your home and kiss your hand to ride in the car

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