Aug 28, 2009

Living without a TV during Ramadan

It's apparently possible ! who would've thought !! I don't know when it became an essential element of Ramadan ,but as long as I remember Ramadan was paired with watching a lot of TV to me, at 1st with Jordan TV's Maghreb prayer period and their candid camera show (don't tell me you didn't enjoy the one where the Shawerma M3allem almost kicked Rabee3 Sh-hab's (wish him to get well) ass :D!

But then this year,our TV broke before the month started,and for various reasons it remained this way till today , living without a TV is actually nice for a change, you read your news online,something I'm accustomed to since I spent much time abroad, more importantly ,you communicate more with other human beings,whether family or friends, and my favorite part suddenly have the time you always wondered why isn't it there anymore to read ! Today we welcome back our precious TV and put our precious books to grow some dust on them again ... maybe !


Anonymous said...

tv is not essential to my life , Ramadan or whenever...i believe i'm one of the very few - if not the only - ppl who haven't watched a single episode of bab el 7ara 1/2/3 or 4 :D n i'm just fine , also no dubbed turkish series ...yesssir

hey naser :)))

NasEr said...

Anonymous oh i hate dubbed tv-anything ! in Thailand they used to dub EVERYTHING,movies,series,America,Mexican ,it was torture to watch .
hey you !? what's with the smiles ? :D

Anonymous said...

huh..what's wrong with the smilies ?? :pouts:

naseeer :))


Complicated said...

I would go absolutely mad should anything happen to my precious tv :eek: IT's not that I watch anything in particular; it's the knowledge that it is there sitting calmly in my living room, ready to entertain me whenever I need him (or it..I'm personifying the TV pathetic :'() that gives me comfort.

I do not possess the patience to watch series. I accidently catch some episodes and I think I really must remember the time for tom or next week but I forget :S

Complicated said...

You're not in Thailand anymore?? Did you find a job in Jordan?? how come?? :O

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