Aug 23, 2009

يا معشر المفاجيع

إسمعـوا و اعـوا


Complicated said...

It is great to live for a cause bigger than one's self, however, it's not possible!!

laytani sham3aton fil thalam!! "excuse my arabish"

Anonymous said...

Pru how did u get to be complicated :s
i beg to differ sweets , it is possible , on a grand scale dedicating a lifetime - hard though- n needs lots of strength n faith , on a smaller n modest level contributing with effort and/or materialistic stuff...less gratifying but it helps

Naser , thanx ur always introducing me to new things that touch the core of my being ...loved them

hehe ..very expressive title

NasEr said...

Complicated aka Prudence
I don't think its impossible ! I was careful in my pick of songs (therefore words) ,just think of others .that's good enough...for a starter.

Anonymous babe I agree with you ,ya 3aine 3alaike momtazeh :p

you're welcome ,I'm glad to hear that :)
the title eja men '3olllllllllll :/

jafra said...

its my first time her ....
thanx for ( قيثارتان )
i love this song

NasEr said...

Jafra ya 100 ahla w sahla, you're welcome :) welcome to smokes blow .

Complicated said...

Anonymous babe; I am so complicated I cannot figure myself out :P can you?? figure yourself out that is??

It needs tremendous strength and selflessness which regular people simply do not possess! It is easy to loose sight of the big picture when one is battling the sturdy waves of everyday's reality. Having a cause grants meaning and purpose to one's life but living for that cause and making it a priority is a much harder and much less..romantic!

Naser mish babe :p Not impossible..just not possible..i was careful in my pick of words as well :p I meant for the ordinary person..your everyday figure..ma3shar l mafajee3. But they're not entirely hopeless!
Oh I DO think of others..sometimes ;)

NasEr said...

Complicated I don't totally agree,bas fee menno...lets say; It's complicated :)

Anonymous said...

complicated :) can i figure u out ? dunno but i like what i see :p figure myself out ? i often confuse myself n more often i'm harsh on myself , so i try to figure (me out) lol thru others helps ..this way i can even take (my )side if i find them unfair/wrong

i said before it's tough , that's why there are very few mother Theresas (figuratively speaking ) , Ghandis , Guevaras n Martin Luther Kings ..thing is , they start out as regular ppl , only driven n act on their beliefs ..they grow with their causes they don't start out big

dunno , i'm a little over-enthusiastic n getting carried away here :D

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