Aug 30, 2009

Cuz (it's) Back (to) schoool...We'reeee the leaadersss

Do you also think of Deftone's "Back to school" when you hear the words "back to school" ?

here's another thing you can think of too ,kids with no bags or stationary to go back to school !Action Committee is now launching it's "back to school campaign" ,i'll make it short here's a copy of the message :

"So its back to school time and parents are busy buying things for their own kids
but others can not live the joy of having new bags and stationary

If you want to spread the Joy ,join our back to school campaign

Project Name : Back to school campaign

Time : From 25-8 till 5-9 (2009)

Our Goal : Preparing school bags for both needy boys and girls

Target : 150-200 bag at least

Our Bags category are two

A- 10 JDs
B- 15 JDs

Each bag in diffrent colors and good quality well contain a full stationary, note books ,book binding papers , and other necessary tools

Together we can make a differnce . and ONE JD can make a difference too , We really appreciate your support and donation .

also any one can join us in the Packing or/and Distribution We will keep you updated ..

For More information :

Email :

Ahmad : 0797052348
Muoffaq : 0777315152
Sara: 0795154498

Action Committee Team

Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give "


Rula A. said...

Naser ana I trust you and I trust things that you write..
I just want to make sure that this thing is for real.. It will be a very nice idea specially ino it's Ramadan time.

NasEr said...

Rula lah lah ,ma3Gooool ana a-post eshe heshek beshek mesh met2akked menno ? la hadool mawthoqeen go ahead,I'm hoping they'd need labor force so i can join in this project .

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