Aug 22, 2009

Explain this to me please !

How come we eat and consume in Ramadan month more than we do in any other given month even though we fast more than half of the 24 hours of the day ?

Was wondering this on the way home last night seeing the masses shopping for the holy month !

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Rula A. said...

Mahome heek innas.. 3indhom nazariyaat ghareebe la ashya2 mu3ayane..
1. Ramadan means eating min adan il maghreb la adan il fajer!
2. Pools means sitting in the sun & smoking Cigarettes or argeele while tanning!
W zay heeek fa I think ino i7na il 3arab ma 7anitghayar wala ba3ed 50 sane..

Ahmad Hamdan said...

Many Arab (Muslim Arabs) thinks ramadan = just eating it's because they don't see food all of the year and only in ramadan they see food so they need to eat more in ramadan to store in their stomach until the next ramadan come :)

Anonymous said...

i'll explain it to u :D first there's this myth that ramadan's meals should be festive and abundant which is ridiculous really , we achieve that by serving food in hebron glass and earthernware ..beautiful , tiny plates of salads , pickles n youghurt ...n it's not written anywhere that we should have atayef every single day in ramadan n we don't ..
ppl fasting are under the influence (hunger) so they make poor judgements and splurge on food ending up with massive amounts of leftovers which they give to the poor n feel good about themselves for it :p

objection: wt's with the arab stupidity label naser :/

Anonymous said...

i have to say this... i've seen three different antacid and other digestive helping adverts on tv in less than an hour ...sa7tain


NasEr said...

Rula LOL @ the second one .yea ! I guess we won't !

Ahmad Hamdan LOL,good hypothesis ,sadly its not the case,i wish it was then this frenzy would be justified !!

Anonymous babe Yea rightttttt...give to the poor...righttttt :D it is stupidity that's why,callin it what it is .
PS : its yogurt without an H :ppppp

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Naser , first , it's yoghurt with the h minus the first u :p i hate spelling mistakes y couldn't u modify it :/

did u see hajjaj's caricature yesterday ? المغول في المول ؟ that was something.. n it's human stupidity baby , humour me :D

i'll make u atayef , how's that for a bribe ? :ppp

Anonymous said...

mish bribe bribe :p i'll make them cuz i'm nice :d we can have them on the side walk n invite the "less fortunate" who couldn't find any left in the stores :p

NasEr said...

Anonymous 7abeebe LOL :D I ALWAYS hated that word,really :D

wallahe i still didn't have any atayef !!! I'm good for it yalla,LOL 7elweh the unfortunate who couldn't find some :D sayreh ne'3sheh :p yea i saw the cartoon ! good stuff :DDDD especially Em Mahjoob and the security guys running for dear life lol

Anonymous said...

This always perplexed me especially since I was not born into this culture. As a new muslim 6.5 years ago I was amazed by the amount of cooking and preparing to break fast that seemed way out of proportion to the months of not fasting. I still do not get it: but I refuse to overcook.

NasEr said...

iscintillating I tell you,u'll never get it ! but good for u,hold on lady hold on :D
welcome to smokes blow

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