Aug 14, 2009

How to end a wedding next-7ara at 1 AM

call 191 .it works .

what the hell,people had lost their senses or what !! why should i listen to their crappy band music till after 1 AM !!!

for the record,i heard the officer who answered my call reporting another 4 weddings to the patrol car in the same area too !!

el nas battalat testa7i !!!

-> Addition : it doesn't only work,it works like was gone in a second .it took them 15 minutes only to get here ! thanks police !!! now i can go on with my insomniac night in peace :D


Dreamy Villager said...

Some people don't think of others :(
B3den 4 weddings in the same area :/ maybe it is the same one in your next 7ara?
have a nice "insomniac nigh" w t9ba7 3la 5er :D

Ali Alhasani said...

Great way dude, Next time a weeding is taking place near my home and they stay too late i'm calling the police, I'm not forced to listen to crappy music all night just because someone is getting married, Screw him and her and there families.

Virtual said...

I'm not gonna say what I told u before!!
But u made some people happier ;)

kinzi said...

I call WAY before 1am. :) but we have great neighbors who don't often have late, loud events.

NasEr said...
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NasEr said...

Dreamy Villager la it was for different weddings !! good morning . n welcome to smokes blow .

Ali Alhasani I recorded some of the so called music for the sake..evidence :D .tawwel balak shaklak m3asseb shway :D welcome to smokes blow .

Virtual LOL...he must be having an early after party now :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Kinzi I bet you do ! lol ,i just gave them till 1 AM this time.apparently i shouldn't have ,"the wedding watcher" is here :

Rula A. said...

Lo0o0o0oL ya sharrani inta :D BUT me like that (Two Thumbs Up) :)
My cousins used to sit 3al balkoone w yistano w awal ma tseer 12 yitislo 3ala ishurtah w fi3lan 10 min. bitkoon il music ikhtafat :)
howe ilwa7ad mumken yi7ki la2 7araam khali inas tinbiset! bas ya salaam!!! yinbisto min 8 la 12!!!!! gheer heek biseer super iz3aaj.. ana heek ra2yi,,
Naser thank you for blogging about this topic :) 7abeeto kteeer.

Anonymous said...

that was mean :p n u weren't sleeping even..

complain about the nasty fireworks n i'm with u ....that's noise pollution n extremely irritating

Waed said...

Since you were having an insomniac night I would say you're MEAN MEAN MEAN ! way to go :P If you can't beat 'em , join 'em ! free food,free music o dancing next 7ara ooo you can't sleep , you get dressed o you rock the night away :P

NasEr said...

Rula You're welcome ,but u know i felt i wasted the police's time when i complained about this :/ but i had to .

Anonymous Babe,my wicked witch :) I'm not mean :D next to complain about is fireworks wala yhemmek :D.

Waed miss Waed 3endana ?ya mar7aba ya mar7aba ! noooo there's no food ya 3ammi,and u don't exactly need to dress up for those...forget it ya 3ammi we're talkin about two different things apparently :D

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