Dec 29, 2009

Did google's "happy holidays" logos suck or what?

Sorry to disturb your sight with this,but what the hell was this?

 creative department was on vacation or something?
Shame on you uncle google!


Zeina said...

I totally agree!
Though their logo "occasion" modifications were really cool, even genius sometimes! :/

NasEr said...

I know that's why I was awfully surprised !

za3tar said...

Yeah .. i was very surprised by the horrible selection they had this time around!

(I have to confess, i am getting to really like the backgrounds and random info every day :-P)

Yazid said...

ahahhahahahha that really sucks HAHA!!!

NasEr said...

I don't know how google did it,but I hate bing! just the idea that they're trying to compete with google pisses me off :/ as if they can ya3ne! that's worthy of noting,why the hell am I so loyal to google?

walla bel awwal I thought these were for M.E Area only or something bas tele3 all over the world,smoebody got fired ther I tell u

Rula A. said...

3anjad 7atta mafi wa7de 7ilwe ili trod il 3een!!

NasEr said...

comparing to old ones..check them out

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