Dec 29, 2009

Everything looks better in 3D! even Avatar(s)

Go watch "Avatar" in 3D! end of story. Like the story line or not, you'll enjoy it trust me, and be sure your ass in your seat before the commercials and trailers start, to the 1st time ever I want to watch more trailers before a movie, and don't be ashamed reaching out to that turtle wanting to touch it in the aqua thingy movie or whatever trailer ,or the "registered trademark" sign in "20th Century Fox" logo for that matter!

couple of thoughts on 3D theater though ..

1st of all, congratulations teenagers, making out in theater (do you still do that? it was popular in my time) was never this easy, take your 3D glasses off during the movie and look back, everybody is hypnotized and polarized towards the screen, enjoy.

2nd, I couldn't help but thinking, wow! If we just could watch Shark Week in 3D, Nat Geo or any other nature thingy program that'd be awesome !!

3rd, I also couldn't help thinking, wow! another-genre-of-things-we-watch would be much better and more realistic in double D,I mean 3D!!!

4th, holy crap, there's something called "Watch in 4D"? can't wait to experience that ,I'll also think of 2nd and 3rd when I do that.

5th, DO clean your glasses before watching, that blur in your vision isn't intintional, it must be the guy who wore the glasses before you cleaning it the Jordanian way, spit and wipe.

PS : "I see you". lol (u'll have to watch the movie to get that).


Zeina said...

After this post I might really consider watching the movie!
Last time I've been in the movies was like 2 years ago, we watched Elizabeth or Queen Elizabeth or something like that! We were the only 5 ppl in the theater lool!

1-3-5 cracked me up
2 is really creepy :S w ma bedi fakker b l mawdoo3!
4 ma fhemta :(

NasEr said...

two years? there has been some good movies come on! but yea go watch this one in 3D aham eshe, #2 is great come on bas okay,4 ,inno soon enough u'll be able to watch in 4D,ya3ne i think it'll be like you're in the middle of whatever you're watching!

Waed S. said...

OMG ! I am still OO

the I see you part was SO cute <3 lol

NasEr said...

Waed S sha5seyyan?? ashraqat el anwarrr
inte 7abeebte compulsive, I know in a perfect world u'll be watching the new twilight in 4D and u'll be tweeting from the theater all the time cuz u'll live there till the movie is done :D right?

Shmal said...

I've been reading lots of reviews about this and I still haven't watched it, is it really worth it?

zuzikabdo said...

i went to see it at the first day .. but they didnt show it in 3D the first da (
but iam planing to go see it again ..
and the 4D cinema needs special equipments .. and usually short 15 min movie

Yazid said...

7abbait :D ele masla7a

NasEr said...

the movie itself? that's debatable, depends on your taste,but the whole 3D thing is definitely worth it.

there are a bunch of good films that's coming in 3D soon,Johnny Depp's Alice in Wonderland, and the new Shrek movie so 5airha b'3airha.

are u still making out in theaters? dude u're a grown up now :p

Farah Batarneh said...

hello naser
i watched the movie .. maybe parts of it .. i liked it .. !!! :D

NasEr said...

Farah B
hello Farah, u watched in 3D wella 3adi??

Rula A. said...

LoL @ number 1..Alla la ya3teehom 3afye..
Give me your reviews on the 4D thingy :)

NasEr said...

laish alla la ya3teehom el 3afyeh! 7aram 3alaike :d

Rawand said...

I agree with u about the cleaning thing cuz i had some hard time while cleaning my glasses lol , for me it was a new experience since its the 1st time i attend 3D movie .

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