Dec 28, 2009

My Gaza Post

Last year my friends in Thailand invited me to go to the islands for new year's, and I said sorry I can't go and they asked why and I tried to explain, but words didn't help much then and I find it stupid to try to put in words any kind of...whatever you wanna call it for Gaza one year after. On this level of feelings and emotions I admit I can't and at the same time don't like to "Express myself", I feel no words are enough and however truthful they were they'll only sound fake and meaningless, they're the ones living in that reality and I'm the one sitting on my ass in my comfortable home trying to talk about them? doesn't sound right to me,feel free to disagree.

 however, for the sake of reminding those who forgot or those who didn't know, I'll post the Gaza Lives On video for it says much about Palestinians


Mohammad said...
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Rula A. said...

همه ماشاء الله كتير أقوى منا..قدروا يخلقوا فرحه بالرغم من صعوبة الوضع..

Farah Batarneh said...

Hadol Sha3b wallahi jabbaar !!!
5arj ye3malo 3alam la7alhom 3'er 3an our FAKE one :) :)
3anjad amazing video naser !
they all all worth appreciation and heads down .. and hats off :)

Nice words u expressed up there by the way ..

Have a Gd day ..
and may god bless all those victims that 1 year left for their absence :)

Shaima said...

and israelians celebrate the occasion by killing another 6 palestinians, 3 from beloved nablus and 3 from gaza!

Alah y7mehom :)

NasEr said...

thx for stopping by all

mohra said...

what a beutiful video

i think its really compationate of you not to travel abroad and even take the trouble to explain the point to others

NasEr said...

mohra 3ndana? ya mar7aba ya mar7aba :)
I was there trying to do business, but i always try to explain here or abroad, its not like people here get it ,not entirely .

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