Dec 5, 2009

Maz Jobrani wasn't the funniest..boooo

Of course he was funny enough, but its true Maz didn't rock the house as much as Lebanese Nemr(not NemEr!!)Abou Nassar at Fridays' Stand up comedy night at Al Hussien Cultural Center, also this kind of title grabs more readers than lets say "Nemr Abou Nassar was the funniest!" right? welcome to the world of deceive and marketing !

In case you live in Jordan and have no idea what am I talking about, 1st I suggest you have your sight checked cuz the ads are everywhere ,Amman Stand-up comedy festival is on and is almost done, tickets are sold out long time ago so if you're thinking you're gonna catch a ticket for one of  the two closing nights (featuring Russell Peters aka "somebody gonna get hurt real bad") then forget about it. The management in the event was really good, vallet service, security, people in lines, good stuff really!and the show feautring 5 comedians was a nice break from day-to-day stress and shit,they also gave the chance to one local rookie to come up and perform, he was fine, some of the jokes didn't fly of course, Mexicans,American Football, Making fun of Asians accents, The Pakistani guy (Ali Hassan)'s Curry jokes.. yea... not so many laughed at those, one British (Sherry Davey) went on and on about how ugly the British Royal family look! I myself was scared to laugh to that to be honest! and that woman hates her husband man! oh speaking of husbands !! the funniest thing ?? whenever a woman was asked a question in the audience HER HUSBAND would answer!!!! even the British dude-married to a Jordanian- did that ! that was sadly funny! more of a sad than funny to me actually.
 all in all it was great and worth it, and yea to whoever thought Maz is going to repeat the "youtubes" he didn't! he mentioned the "Persian Meawww" but it was more of telling us about how people reacted to it.

Speaking of funny, did you hear the Tigerwood-ian Rhapsody by Jon Stewart ? watch till the end ...

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jaraad said...

Jon Stewart is hilarious as always. Man, since Tiger Wood's accident the news we used to know had completely changed. The U.S. news media obsession with Wood's affair is unbelievable.

Whisper said...

I hate my brother I really do

My parents in Dubai and I asked my brother to go with me he said no thanks if I want I can see them on TV :(
and non of my friends interested in such a thing

I hate my brother :(

NasEr said...

walla since MJ's death I don't think anything is shocking anymore !!
I believe this is ur 1st comment here so welcome to smokes blow,there its official now :)

naa na na naa naaaa :p
mesh moshkeleh,next year :)

Sha5bo6 said...

This is a hard evidence showing that your are a bad friend, you could have called me to join you. hope we can manage to go later

Anonymous said...

Maz SUCKS. He repeats the same jokes over and over and over and over ... All of his stories are lies .. everybody knows that. In fact all the guys in Axes-of-evil SUCK.

I've never heard of Nemr before but he looks like a cool guy. My fave by mile is Russell Peters.

NasEr said...

man I was invited there myself and as I mentioned earlier the tickers were sold out long time ago! next cool thing I'm calling u the moment I know,mnee7 ?

lol,chill ,why are u taking this personally ? :d what lies and what ...its a comedy show for crying out loud,u know what they usually say in those doesn't have to be 100% true! Rumor has it that Peter Russel keep repeating the same jokes, dunno about that I'm hoping i'll get an invite for the closing night as well!

zuzikabdo said...

russle peters is the best of them .. i tried to get tickets like 3 weeks ago eaven more .. but it was sold out.. i wonder .. it seems all the tickets was sold out eaven befor the show was anounced !!

Rula A. said...

I didn’t attend any of the stand-up comedy show..But..As I've heard form my brother there is an Egyptian guy that is the funniest -as he said-.. Maybe next year.. Though glad you had a great time :)
Ps. Loved the title trick :D

NasEr said...

I don't really know man but the tickets are so hard to get since like a month.

Maybe next year.and you're welcome :)

Ashwaq said...

YA ALLAH !! first of all I couldnt get a ticket since they all got sold out one month ahead !! then one my mates received 3 tickets for the opening night..we decided to go, then on Saturday I got 2 mid-term exams..mesh 7az !!

However I am glad that we have such events in 'Amman .. FINALLY !!

Jundi said...

man those axis of comedy guys made a fortune off arabs .. they are smart ..

i remember that nemr guy he was in aub with me .. i never knew him personally but i remember him being there .. i remember he performed at the outdoors festival once or twice ..

Da3 said...

For those who have watched it and filmed some of it plz share wt u filmed on youtube =)

NasEr said...

jad mesh 7az! Amman hosts a lot of cool events,ppl don't follow ads or read the newspaper enough tho.

is he the guy who does the Japanese-ordering-from-BK radio prank? "Khalu-duuna-sun" ?:D

da3 3anka al amani,fa manaylo el matalebe bel tammanni.. nni : (your turn)
welcome to smokes blow!

Jundi said...

im not sure

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