Dec 18, 2009

How much do you trust E-Banking services? (with poll)

I've subscribed to the Arab Bank E-banking services since they started - I guess- couple of years back, and comparing today to those old days it has improved much, I now pay all my bills online, not that I don't like to see or interact with real humans, its just more convenient nowadays for me, having to deal with lines of people waiting, the clumsy -sometimes- employee who takes ages to get the job done, the change that's never there of course, so yea I find E-Banking a great tool to save you time and headache, not many of the people I know do that, when I bring it up it all comes down to distrust -of technology in general i guess-, or in technology in this aspect in specific, I don't think you can talk people into it,they either do or they don't ,and those who don't seem to have a profound belief that its a bad idea,there's always this fear of something going wrong and losing their assets, and its not only the older generation, young ones too don't believe its safe ! I'm just curious is it only in the Arab world that this paranoia exist or outside too ? whatever this poll is going to say, I'll still use the online services ,sooner or later people will come around it,I guess ! so, do you trust E-Banking ? Would you pay your bills online ? and why
Do you trust E-banking ?
I live in the Arab World, yes I do
I live in the Arab World, No I don't
I live outside the Arab World, yes I do
I live outside the Arab World,No I don't



zuzikabdo said...

ofcourse i would .. why not, bas ana mesh fa67al be hal sha'3lat, ba3deen mafi masari yen'7af 3aleha aslan) .. its good to have more than one acount, its better for organizing payments and spending ..

Shaima said...

honestly i didnt try but ive always believed that traditional ways can do the purpose even if it consumes time ;i prefer it.
maybe after 2 years from now ill give E-banking a try :D

NasEr said...

bedhash fa67aleh mahee,zay ka2enno email,only with money inside :D

mark your words ,two year from now I'm asking you about it :)

Rula A. said...

Yes in this case it is much better than dealing with real humans, You can pay the bills at anytime you want to and you don’t have to wake early to be the first one in the bank to finish your things fast or you’ll stuck in the bank waiting in the line for half an hour as a minimum.. Though.. It might not work with everyone as for having an internet connection is a must to accomplish that.

Zeina said...

Well it's not the E-banking that I don't trust, it's the banking services as a whole.
At least here in Leb. They legally rob you, w ya ghafel elak allah! hehe
On that note, we (as in my office) will be working on an awareness campaign about the contractual relations between banks and consumers! I'll keep you updated :)

NasEr said...

That's an interesting thing to say cuz I'd like to know what's the percentage of Jordanians who don't access the internet at all,not even via mobile

yadi hal Lebanon,kol yom mofaja2a jdeedeh,yea keep me posted please

Rula A. said...

There are a decent number of people -people I know- don't have internet connection at their home.. One of my friends doesn’t even have an e-mail! W fee kteer banat ba3rafhom bista3milo ili bil jam3a!

bangin said...

E-banking will be a high risk if the system not secure. Audit trail and protection systems must be reliable. A number of banks in Indonesia was attacked through exploitation of weaknesses in the ATM. But that case was resolved quickly and encourage the Bank of Indonesia to review and implement a better security system.

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