Dec 16, 2009

A sex-talk guide or a MJ's tribute?

simple ads or not so simple ads ? Which is more effective to you ?
this MJ tribute is so simple and brilliant,

It grabs your attention for sure ,I mean if you're gonna think of ribbons and MJ again this would probably come to your mind, where in this -I found hilarious- book ad (50 Recipes for Success - A Little Handbook for Strategic Decisions) its anything but "simple" (click to enlarge and enjoy the "what to say and what to avoid saying during sex")

but surely does grab your attention! 
which style do you like better ?

*You can find more ads at Ads Of The World


zuzikabdo said...

e77em e77em ...

LUNAR. said...


Rula A. said...

I liked MJ ribbon,, Thank you for AdsOfTheWorld link :)

Rula A. said...

I found this web site.. It might be related in a way -if not it is hilarious- I could spend a whole day browsing them :D

NasEr said...

aishhh...sho hal 7aya2 el 3ajeeb had,its not like it was very vulgar or anything :D

thx for the link Rula.

Um Omar said...

سارقين شعار جميعه السرطان

NasEr said...

Um Omar
ma had she3ar el tadamon ma3 ay eshe, be5telef 7asab el loan

Zeina said...

It took me half an hour to read the "sex-talk guide" :S
So yeah I definitely prefer the simple-directly to the point-Ads. Speaking about that I got an email explaining the branding designs for some companies.. really smart stuff!!
I'll forward that email :)

NasEr said...

eh come on it was funny at least !
yalla waiting for that email,its not there.

Um Omar said...

رح اعمل شعار تضامن مع إم عمر لكان
اسفه ما كنت بعرف

NasEr said...

Um Omar
lol,and what would Um Omar's cause would be?

Um Omar said...

اعطونا الطفوله
اعطونا زياده الراتب المتراكمه يا بشر
اعطونا دلم ارظ بالطفيله

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