Dec 23, 2009

People I want to meet, Tombs I want to visit

These I'd really like to meet before they fall into the second catagory

And I want to visit those in their resting place someday

Who would you like to meet? Whose mausoleum (if any) would you like to pay respect at ?


Rula A. said...

Mmmm mish 4arfe fish ishi mu3ayan b bali.. Bas 7abe azoor Nables..

Um Omar said...

بنتشاطر انا وياك التاليين
ليلى خالد,, فيروز,, ومارسيل

وعندي امنيه أشوف كم شخص,, بس بستنى ت يموتوو,, عشان ما اترحم عليهم

Zeina said...

I wish I can meet Leila Khaled as well!
I attended a concert for Marcel Khalifeh this summer :D It was amaaaaaazing! Oh and we waited for an hour and a half after the concert to take a picture with him..and it was already midnight.. yeah that was a very good night :)

Samih Shqair had a concert here in Hamra in a very cozy cafe/pub..last year I think!

Fairuz :) definitely!!!

whom else I'd like to meet?!! You probably :D

Farah Batarneh said...

hey ..
i wish i could see
prince 7asan
wadee3 al safi
many ppl i love msh mashaheer :D
i wish i could visit
el 2ods o el aqsa
Paris :P :P

Anonymous said...

i think same as your list but add to them ziad rahbani and khalid el habr

Ashwaq said...

Le Trio Joubran .. Ziad Rahbani Marcel and 13achar Khalifeh. (I attended one of Marcel's concerts here in 'amman,bs I am too greedy & want to meet him face-to-face)

hmm fayrouz I dunno she is like a pure angel that you cant see in our "first category" :)

bs since you go to palestine,why haven't you been to Mahmoud Darwish's tomb yet ??

Sha5bo6 said...

you are so expected :sofera:

NasEr said...

someday :)

Um Omar
7elweh "bnetshatar" ,bnetshatar 3a ba3ad? ,meen hadool elle bedek ymooto?:d

wainnnnn el picture tayyeb? u know the thing about pix with Marcel, in each one of them he seems happy and friendly and like he'd known u forever, dunno,I heard Shqair is coming to Jordan soon,anyway next time any of them is here I'm goin no matter what,balke benshoofek in one concert :D

Farah Batarneh
I've met with Price Hasan as a boy scout,and if u wanna go to Thailand i should warn u,lots of dogs over there!

both great people,they're also on the list but not in the top 4 though :p

I actually don't mind being in a concert...this man! when people sing along with his lute it sounds more holy to me than many other supposedly-holly things!
I've been to Palestine twice in the past 3 years but going to Ramallah is a hassle trip from where I am so didn't get to visit yet.hopefully next time

I'm just an open book what can I say :wajh mala2eke wa jana7an abyadan:

Um Omar said...

محلاك وإنت عم تتمئلس عليّ
بدك ياني احكيلك اشي,, اقل عقاب اله مقصله او مشنقه

Master of Ceremony said...

Laila Khaled lives in Amman. Having nothing better to do than "taking care of women's issue." Well, think she is taking care. I spoke to her few years back. She sounded bored and...humm... Ok I should stop now, it's not for me to meddle with your dream of meeting those people!

In short, after meeting Darweesh, I learned the hard way how to not wanting to meet the people I idolize.

NasEr said...

I know
what you're talking about but still I'd want to meet with them.

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