Dec 1, 2009

Sea food in Jordan ? I'll pass ...

So ever since I got back from Thailand I've been longing to have some tasty nicely cooked fish, the one thing I remember distinctively after I spent a while in Thailand is thinking to myself "oh boy! fishes do actually vary in taste, tenderness, etc, and the same kind of fish can also have slightly different taste according to how its cooked!!", that revelation was stunning to me,  cuz for as long as I can remember "fish" tasted the same, always, anywhere (in Jordan;that is). And I remember wishing I had my family and friends there to taste that too! Now its true I got really bored with sea food but one longs for a nice barbecued jumbo shrimp, oh or that deep fried little shrimps ,or the grilled -weird looking- fishes, so I ordered some when I was invited to Tawaheen ElHawa; supposedly a good place with good food right ? but the disappointment couldn't be bigger! The shrimps tasted just like "fish" (Jordan fish,the one and only "fish" u can taste here), and of course the fish tasted like "fesh,the Jordan fesh), and they all tasted the same, I asked the waiter if they cook all fishes with the same oil and he said yes! It was also over done kinda burned!

Then couple of days ago, me and a best friend of mine fulfilled a couple-of-years-long pact to go to this sea food restaurant (The Ocean / المحيط ) in Madina St. when I get a job and have my 1st pay check, we used to pass by it everyday going back from univ and it looked "Expensive" and we put dining there on the bucket list :D and after years of waiting,The Ocean delivered, the same disappointment as in Tawaheen el hawa ! You could tell the shrimp isn't fresh (the grilled), It was poorly done really, and the story of deep friend shrimp repeated itself, it tasted like the fillet! and again the waiter tells me "yes we fry everything with the same oil, but only because its Eid and we have many people) !aha ! so you have this many people and you do your best to serve them so-so food ? I found that both stupid and stupid! and I feel really bad for people here ,I mean if you go to one of those places and pay a good fat bill for having a dinner with your family aren't you at least supposed to have a good meal ? its a pity!

But today I found the best of the worst, this place in City Mall called "Ruby Thursday "(edit : its actually called Ruby Tuesday)lol, they make mean ribs btw try that ! the shrimps were cooked in the same oil as the chicken tenders this time -lol-, but it tasted okay ,I mean it didn't taste anything special,no sauce no nothing,but at least it didn't taste like you're having samak magtoo3 raso :D
So from now on, I'm not paying to have sea food again in Amman, I'll stick to the good old Mansaf.
bon appetit,oh la la :o


Hareega said...

I agree with all the fish tasting the same in Jordam, spot on!!

but is that place really called Ruby Thursday? LOL

Sha5bo6 said...

the most important point in your post which summarizes the whole matter is "Mag6o3 Raso" deeply inside the joranian mentality regarding sea food the head is not important as everything is similar SO taste does not matter .

on a side note. eash yaa nail 3azaeem fe al3alam o i7na wald alba6h alsoda..

3bs said...

loool man I knew this since before
come here and ul eat nice C food :P

i think if u go to aqaba also ul find the same conclusion !

zuzikabdo said...

few days ago i went to a restaurant (tanoreen) saposed to be a high class one .. so as iam craving for a good fish or crabs i thought that finally i will get some..
but hell no ... eaven worse than others .. and the bill came 120 jd for 2 ppl !(
but for the record .. this place have the best falafel sandwich and knafe ..

NasEr said...

LMAOO!!! I read this at work via mobile and cracked up!!! :DDDDD Its Ruby Tuesdayyyyyyyy not Thursday :D

allah yegta3o el magtoo3 raso I'll never eat it again in my life,promise.
ba3dain ya seedy elna saneh ben7awel nshoofak wenta kol marra "ah ah" "Akeed akeed" "bne7ke bne7ke" ... eh

"here" where 7abeebe? UAE u mean ?wella el 7usun ? :D
zaman 3annak ya zalameh ebga mayyel ya '3zayyel

sa7tain el fatoora ya man, If i wanted to have a nice sandwich of Falafel i'd go to Al Quds in Rainbow street

Rula A. said...

If you got the chance of going to Aqaba anytime try the sea-food there.. They might serve it in a more proper way than they do in Amman..
I didn’t try sea-food in Amman nor Aqaba 'cause I can't stand it mutlaqan.. But I would give Thailand’s sea-food a chance -iza ili mishwar 3an areeb hinak- xD akeed I'll take you with me :)

Shaima said...

u reminded me about 5 months ago when i was in jordan, i really had a great sea food dinner at "32 north" in hayatt amman , u should go and try, its lil less expensive than that "tanoreen" regarding zuzikabdo comment :) ..

ocean or others ! like u said; it all tastes the same and at the end u look around finding that u had eaten all -side dishes and appetizers- except ur main meal :pP

at last :), i think aqaba could be a nice place also as i have heard from my friend and family memebers that sea food there esp. fish has another taste !!

first time at ur blog ^^

Rola said...

Naser! I truly love reading your blog.. it's my favourite after-office-lunch (mostly morning-office/afternoon-office/before-i-leave-office) thing to do in Singapore! can't explain how amusing i find it, especially that i'm that far away from home, and reading Jordanian accent in a blog is hilaariousss, i love it!

NasEr said...

yea rumor has it its the same way in Aqaba,5ala we have a date 3a Thailand, goole inshalla bas :D

hold it lady hold it,Hayatt? nah...that's gonna wait a while :D but i'll keep it in mind !
I know we Arabs -i think- savor the appetizers and side dishes and never enjoy the main course, that's why you should never order appetizer in the 1st place :d
welcome to smokes blow.

NasEr said...

great to see you hear,I'm really glad to hear that!! one more reason to keep the blog alive :D
hope you're having a great time over there,I tried understanding one post at least from your blog and I did,the 1st one hehehe :D
good luck dear,come back soon :)

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few weeks ago I went to a restaurant to be a high class one .. so as I was craving for a good fish or crabs i thought that finally I will get some..

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