Sep 24, 2008

24 on 24 ,why isn't the year 2024 !!!!!!!!

It would have been nice if this year was 2024, Turning 24 on Sep 24th of 2024 .. I could have made one of those crazy-4wd emails predictions , or i could make it a "24" day, like I'd eat at times where the summation of hrs and minutes equals to 24 ,or I'll stay up for 24 hrs exactly ,or stay in the elevator until 24 stops are made ,you know keep it busy .. I could have had a real crazy day . But its not 2024 ,its not even 2004 !!

Friend : Happy Birthday man !.
Me : Happy birthday to you too ,thanks.
Friend : so , whats the plan ?.
Me : Replying all the emails ,messages,facebook and other forms of messages today !!.
Friend : oh,so nothing special ?.
Me : I might do the laundry .

I would like to thank Facebook ,for a very busy facebooking day ,gmail as well, honestly I'd like to thank the internet for its being ! of course it won't be anything useful if it wasn't for my friends ,whom I'm very lucky to have .I never use the word "luck" ,but with my friends ,I think I'm real lucky to got to know them all .Thx guys so much .

PS : next year If I'm still in Thailand , make sure you call me when its 12 AM Thailand time not Jordan time ,unless you didn't mind the half asleep grumpy Naser returning your calls and messages at 4 am last night :D

Have a good year everyone !


Anonymous said...



lost within said...

Happy Birthday Naser =)
Many Many to come InshAllah =)

it is a bummer it wasn't 2024 though ! :P

7ota said...

kol 3am w anta 7abebe looooooool

HBD maaaaaaaaaan ..


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to Naser, Happy birthday to you
TAM TAM TAM.... with music, kibbeh, mana2eesh and chocoloate cake looooool

3o2bal el meet sinneh ya rabbi..and enjoy being 24 :)

NasEr said...

Yazid welcome to my blog ,have fun around :))
thx man you too have a good year :).

lost within thx a lot,you too , ah shofte jad tel3at men rasi :/ this happens once in a life time eh :d

7ota 7abbatak el 3afyeh :D thx man :)

Noura your stock is rising higher and higher everyday,this is the best virtual bday gift i had so far :"""( thx :D ,you too have a good year :)

a different perspective said...

here's one more message:
happy birthday!

poprage said...

كل سنه و انت طيب يا مدير


NasEr said...

thx a different perspective !! :) you too have a happy b day when its time :)

poprage teslam ya 3a2ed ,3oGbal 3ndak ya 5al :pppp

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Naser :)

vagueraz said...

HapPY Birthday Naser :)
El 3omor kolo enshala

Diana said...

Happyyyyyyy Birthdaaaaaaaaay
sorry for being late, I've been internet-less since a couple of days.
How was ur day? :D

Noor said...

it was kinda scary first when u speak with that grumpy serious still....i enjoooyed taking to the half asleep naser... wala 7abbeh...if i was in a wicked mode i would have had some secrets and info's from u w enta msh dary :D

habby birzday manees xD

Rawia said...

Happy birthday Naser, yeah 24 nice
number :P..loool etsalo la 3ndak 4 am :D

abu nassar said...

ابو النيص

NasEr said...

Thx Hallool :)

vagueraz Thx ,you too :)

Diana thx,ma3lesh inte you have a free pass not to leave a reply ever :p allah y5alleelna Kareemo,otherwise kan 6alabet b7a22e on the same day :D

Noor ROFLLLLLLLL :DDDDDDDDD thaaat was dangerous !!! ya3ne mnee7 elle tel3at ma3ay el o'3neyeh bas w ma etawwarat la ashya2 '3air :DDD

Rawia Thx ba3booshy :D yup its a nice number 3ajabne ,ba3dain 4 am calls better than no calls at all so :p

Abu Nassar LOL walak tefda7nash fesh hoon 7ada be3raf "nees" ,Naser ana esmi :D

ĐàŋdŎöŅёH said...

same happend here !! i checked my facebook account on my birthday like 70 times because of this load of msgs !!!

Happy birthday though :) "too late is better than never;) "

NasEr said...

Thx Dandooneh .i will pass your thanks to facebook too wala yhemmek :d

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