Sep 6, 2008

a visual masterpiece : The Fall

If you liked the movie "Big Fish" and thought it was really well made for a fiction movie , you must watch "The Fall" .

I didn't watch Tarsem Singh's (The director) 1st movie "The Cell" ,but I'll make sure to watch it sometime ! The movie is one continuous stream of fantasy portraits ,the colors,the scenery,the events ! its mind blowing , Its like watching good theater ,only in too many different places,with a bigger capacity !

And mark my word, Hollywood has a new child star ,memorize this name "Catinca Untaru" at times i wasn't really sure were she acting ? or were she just being herself ! and thats where you know an actor/actress has it !when you can't tell if they're acting or thats what they are in real ! you can't help but fall in love with this girl!

The movie is simply telling a story ! The story is being told by a patient -a stunt actor- to Alexandrea -the little girl - ,as the movie goes on, their relation develops ,and we get to know more about the girl's story .

Meanwhile ,there is a story of strength and despair of the story teller himself ,and the little girl become an important player in dealing with his situation !

And our little friend has a bit of a wild imagination ! add
that to the original story being told,the breath taking locations and scenery , and there you have it!
a visual masterpiece ,a memorable picture .

Enjoy the trailer


Noor said...

on my "must see" list!

NasEr said...

momtazeh ya Noor :-o:

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