Sep 23, 2008

Formally Shopped,Formally Dressed ,Formally Retard !

I seem not to recognize my image anymore ! i can't recognize my head's shadow due to the new haircut ,and soon I won't recognize myself if i passed against a mirror ! The day had come where i have to wear formal clothes ! long sleeves shirt,a tie,those 2mash formal pants ,tucked in shirt,and a formal shoes AKA Kondara !
I thought I'll never have to deal with this issue,ever,i made my best not to ! I just can't see myself wearing formal !i look like a joker !well i look like a joker without having to wear pants that draws ur ass with tucked in shirt and a shoes which make you feel like you're tap-dancing when you're only walking !

So i went to formally-shop ! My friend Chanpen came with me,i thought a girl's opinion would do me big favor ! Long story short, I'm a matching-colors absolute retard ! I wanted the pants to be loose a bit,i could feel my feet suffocating with this tight end of those pants!!the waist oh the waist !holy smokes!!!!!!!its a leash !!!its almost at the neck !I don't wear my jeans on my knees with my boxers in the street,but i certainly felt unease wearing the pants that high!!

Now for the fun part of it ,I went to this big ass mall,it had a trizigillion shops ,small ones, with no fitting what to do ?they hand you a peace of cloth to tie it around your waist,and then you do your thing and change your pants somehow without showing your goods and very-odd-to-Thai hairy legs to the rest of the world .. 1) I felt like I'm suddenly in Oman ,2) I felt like Abo Ghaleb from Bab el Hara when he is at the bathing Hammam with this apron and the confusion and clulessness that came with it! i peacefully tried the 1st pants ,and bought it right away ,it was black,and it fit ! I really wondered what criteria do guys depend on when buying pair of those !!?? -someone answer me for real please- . and then came the shirt..due to a miscommunication, i thought it was Okay to just take off the shirt I'm wearing and put on the new one - the one second process that came to mind : Thailand -> Tourists -> Beaches -> topless -> its okay no big deal - ,just when I was done with the last button i figured i shouldn't be doing that !I mean the old woman waving and talking gibberish gotta mean something !so with all the confusion and embarrassment,I rapidly wore the shirt over the shirt I'm already wearing,and as rapidly took it off "its good,I'm taking it" . The tie : according to the old angry woman : " All ties goes with any shirt ! " sweet ! I was morally down 10-null and i had to make it up somehow !i took the 1st tie she gave me .

I'm so satisfied with the decision i took ages ago that I'm only going to wear running and basketball shoes ..after trying to stuff my feet inside those shoes today..holy molly ! i remember wearing my friend's shoes once but it wasn't as hard ! with lots of pushing,cursing and sweating ,i managed to push my feet inside,it was comfortable and i took it ! looks wise they all looked the same to me !i mean half of it is covered already,so .

Anyway ,guys I'd appreciate it if you left a comment of 3 color combinations, pants (lets focus on black or dark colors in general) ,shirt and a tie please I'll really appreciate it .


Möönliģht said...

loool :D you cracked me up :D
shoof choose dark pants , if I were you I'd choose Grey .. dark grey or what they call "charcoal".

As for the shirt , go white as simple as that !

Ties ... well here you can be creative ! you can go with anything because you have two basic colors ! so red , pink
something like this

Hope this was helpful ;)

PALFORCE said...

Yes Dark Grey is the way to go.

Dark Grey Suit + White Shirt + (I like) one colored tie.

Dark Blue (ko7li) + light blue shirt + blue tie.

Most of my suits are dark blue or charcoal.

Shirts, white (plenty of those) + light blue + blue shirts + one pink shirt.

Ties I had few multi colored ties I bought from the states and I used them, but lately I ordered 15 ties from ebay all one color ties.

Anonymous said...

You can check these 3 pics for ideas and colors of ties and shirts..They looks nice but without the thing in the pocket..I actually like the jacket to be different color than the pants,it makes you look younger and not that dressy and this way you can mix and match..meaning you can wear the jacket with diff color pants like dark blue, dark grey or even dark brown.. (this is my fav.)

and keep in mind that a colorful tie makes all the difference..
Good luck :)

Guest000 said...

ya 7laiiiilhaaaa kibrat w sarat tilbes formal! :p ma 3riftak! we need pics!!! :D

that was helarious hehehehehe.. here u go!! :D

for pants: you should have the three basic colours; black, drak grey, and dark blue,

shirts: white, white, white :p w jeeb lighter colours of the grey and blue :D

ties: dark red is a must, dark blue too.. you can get something fi ta3ree2a 5afife w simple w a combination of 2 colours!

when you get the experience minnak la 7alak bitseer itlabe2 witna22i! :D:D:D

good luck wak!!

Adoosh said...

Y fdee7etna bein el Thais :D

As everyone already recommended, stick to dark gray pants, they go with virtually any other color.
And simply a light shirt (lon fate7 ya3ny, lazem ykoon sada) of virtually any color (provided that it goes with your skin color) and a plain tie that's the same as the shirt color but a'3ma2..

lost within said...

I read this early in the morning , it just cracked me up !!

I am not an expert at this coz I don't do formal bs do get a pink shirt , I admire guys who dare to wear pinks! I am dedication a post to them soon ! lol
and get a shirt with stripes , I love the ones dad has bs I dunno if they are formal !!

So starting a new job ? :D
If so , Good luck and as ur guest said , pics plZZZ :P

NasEr said...

Moon Light thx ,yea the link was okay ,not great though :p -ma awqa7ne :D- .
glad i cracked u up..i guess!lol.

PalForce Merciiii awe awe .this is exactly what i needed.haik,1,2,3,1,2,3 :p aslana 3abee6 :D. and the links are great thx man .

NouraI'm not wearing a suit actually,ya3ne mesh 3aref 3anhom,la ino casual wala ino formal formal (suit) al amees w pants w Thai..azde Tie :D .Thx for the link ..I'll go colorful-tie-shopping la2eno mo3zam elle 3nde sada !:D .

Guest000 thx wek :p ahhh kberet ah ah ..LOL,ya 7laile 3a2oltek :D ana ma 7fezet el color combinations but i copied all the comments into a text file for reference :D thx dear .

Adoosh :o...simple ? :o so easy for u to simplify it !lazem kont shoftne mbare7 :/ walak sharait bantalonain sood :///////// ma ahbalne.

lost within okay awal eshe 3alaike parking ticket for reading early in the morning and leaving a comment at ..12 GMT :p
taneyan,5alleene afahmek system el awa3e b Thailand (NOT KIDDING) every Monday everyone (almost) in Thailand wears a yellow shirt,thats the King's color ,and every Wednesday ,big percentage of people wears Pink (the Queen's color) so I'll have to have a Pink one .'3asben 3anne 3ajabne wella ma 3ajabne :p .
yea starting an extra job :/ ya far7ete :D thx :)

NasEr said...

Note There will be no pix !!! pix on blog = LamenesS . I did it once and corrected my mistake ,won't happen again :D

Anonymous said...

A guy was in the elevator this morning was wearing a very light pink shirt and dark navy blue pants and a tie with pinkish ,greyish color. His shoes were cool too..I thought of you,he looked very nice and also he smelled really good , so don't forget the cologne to compliment the question though, do you mind wearing a light pink color or do you prefer to stick with white and blue shirts..??
It seems I like dark red colored ties, they work on every shirt..
w badna souwar, you can at least show us what you bought...

NasEr said...

la i don't mind Noura but i haven't tried yet,but as i explained to lost within,I'll have to wear pink at some point !the Queen's color,there is no assigned day for it like in the case of Yellow ,which is the King's color (every Monday) but at certain occasions its a must.
I'll see about the pix i'll have wardrobe photo shoot .but thx for making me feel like a girl btw :/ + :D + confusion + LMAO .

Helpers please carry on here..further help needed please :ma aktar '3albate!!so ok i have the recipe now for the pinky day :////// but one question, what shoes should i wear with the navy blue pants ? the black one or should i get another color?..ok now what about the Yellow day ? :D black pants i think are alright with yellow shirt sa7 ?wut about ties? i have gray ,navy blue,light brown with dark brown like little squares on it ..does any of that goes with yellow shirt ?


Anonymous said...

It is:
yellow shirt + your navy blue or light brown with squares tie
black pants and black shoes ..

Pink shirt + your gray tie and navy blue pants and black shoes..

I think you need to add a deep burgundy color tie to your selection, with some stripes or design on , which will go either with a white or blue shirt and dark pants.

Don't worry about feeling like a girly girl, dress good, look good and make us proud ..OK loool

NasEr said...

ROFL,,,Noura :DDDDDDDDD you're the best thx .really rayya7teene/rayya7toone men hal ham ! i'm saving all the comments on my desktop :p thx a lot .

7abbait el slogan :D bas ma 7abbait el sho3oor :/ discussing clothes is painful !lol. thx again. I learned a hard necktie tie today,thx for youtube and one hour of my time chocking myself and ranting :p

ThE MasTEr said...

GREEN everything =D

NasEr said...

The Master ://///////// allah ya3teek el 3afyeh,'3allbnak :D shokran :D

Noor said...


dude after reading this... i really gotta talk to u asap online :D

wala eshe wad3ak nees :\

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