Sep 11, 2008

My Super Simple Fool Recipe

After countless times of humiliation asking girls for different recipes its time to pay back,feel equal, YES ,Thanks to my dear friend Rawia, I will finally give a recipie to someone else !today I even the score [ Yes one recipi on my part would do,I'm a cooking sensation-less kind of guy ]
* 3o2bal 3nd el ba2yeen *

So here is how I do my fool , my recipe might not sound recipe-ish enough , but its common sense ,easy and simple ,because my brain can't really understand all the little additions girls like to do .we're doing the simple foot,the one that smells like home ,but necessarily taste like it :D here is how its done :

1) Bten2a3e el fool ,half a mug or a bit more will be enough for one good plate , i suggest you leave it to soak over night !thats what i do .we don't want any surprises .

2) The next day ,betjeebe tanjara feeha water ,w bte'3sele el fool and then you add it to the water until the water start boiling, turn it down ,5alle 3amahlo ,and let it take as long as it wish to ,until its mushy mushy . you'll notice that the color of the water is turning brown ,don't freak out, after many attempts to wash it ,i discovered that it give a good taste ,we'll add it later.

3) halla hoooon bedha m3allem : you take out a portion of the fool ,put it in a "little" deep pan ,add to it a little bit of it's water ,put it on the stove (real low) and start mashing it !mash and stir mash and stir mash and stir ,it shouldn't be so solid, wala kteer liquid-ish ,if you felt it needed water add a bit .. u know !

4) add to it a salt ,and half spoon of T-heeneh ,Tahina wutever you call it ,and keep stirring ,it'll come together a little bit ,you might want to add a bit of water ,depends .

5) now myy contribution to the dish : take it off the stove ,and pour the whole thing in the blender ,squeez a bit of lemon ,maybe salt ,you can taste it now most people leave it at there and eat it ,and blind ,blind it until its as soft as you'd like it to be ,put it again in the pan if u felt its too thick ,and add some water,stir a bit .and thaaats it.

w sa7taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaain w 3afyeh .its super ;) give it a try.


Möönliģht said...

Sounds delicious ! Thanks for sharing :P
bas wien el basal !?

NasEr said...

MoonLight ,see ,thats what i was talking about.I can eat that as it is,no oil no onions no nothing . kol wa7ad bezeed zay ma beddo :d

welcome to my blog n thx for passing by :)

Anonymous said...

well Naser, we Lebanese prepare it differently.
In step 1: we also soak hummus overnight in a seperate pot..and we boil them the next day seperately too.
In a large bowl, we mash garlic, add lemon juice and salt..Add fool and hummus with some of their water..You can mash a bit with the back of the spoon while mixing..serve in your plate, drizzle olive oil on top, have it with a side of chopped tomatoes, onions and mint...
Try it w d3eeli :D
sa7tein w hana ..

NasEr said...

ya Noura no one competes with Lebanese kitchen :D our neighbour (Em Nader)used to make the best Kubbeh in the world ..grrr..
ana ba7eb easy fast 10%-home-like food. ma ele toolet bal 3alle bte7kee :DDDDDDD thx for the recipe though :)

Summer said...

Here is my recipe, and it is easy too:
Make sure you watch the instructional video.

but i have one question, you do not buy the ones in the cans?? i used to soak and boil it before we had a store close by to where i lived in the states.

Rawia said...

sounds yummy .. gonna make it today insha Allah . bas men alsora jaw3tniy wa shatniy : O

yslamo edik Naser.. :D

NasEr said...

Summer you're the best cook there is :d i just wish i have the toold and 6OOLET EL BAL for cooking :D .

as for your question : i so far couldn't find these beans here (Thailand) ,but a friend i met recently told me they're available ,the ones I'm using are which i bought with me from Jordan :p no not canned :)

welcome to my blog,thx for passing :)

NasEr said...

you welcome Rawwoooshooo

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