Sep 3, 2008

"One Man..One Desire ..." .The Trailer Man is gone.Don La Fontaine

The guy behind the deep voice in 750,000 television spots and 5,000 movie trailers had passed away .he sure entertained us much !

Don LaFontaine 1940 - 2008


lost within said...

I finally knew who he is !
I used to love his voice but I imagined him younger !

Qwaider قويدر said...

I only saw his face when he made a commercial for Geico .. And now, he's gone!

Jasim said...

Such a loss. I really loved the guy and his voice.

NasEr said...

Indeed he was unique ! when i was young i always wondered how come its the same guy every time :d
Its funny how one person leaves a mark in so many ppl's daily lives in the least expected way !!

Hareega said...

Pablo Francisco is hilarious when he impersonates him ,

NasEr said...

Hareega : thats where i got my title from :D one desire :d
he is great .

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