Sep 17, 2008

Bored with Darwish posts yet ?

Well I'm not .

Muhtaraf Remal is one of the places you must go-see if you live in Amman , and Abdel Aziz Abu-Ghazaleh ( I don't like to refer to him as the owner ,I'd say he is the one who take care of the place, and us,his friends,his so many friends ) is a person you won't regret meeting and talking to even if it was for a brief short time .

The Muhtaraf had held a number of events in memory of Mahmoud Darwish so far , the recent was couple of days ago in which they played this short film they produced for the occasion .

حضور الغياب

Next Friday September 19th Muhtaraf Remal is holding a unique event ,more than 150 kites will fly for the soul of the great poet mahmoud darwish, carrying his poetry and portraits to the sky (event details). The following day ,Saturday Muhtaraf Remal is holding a musical/poetry event at Mujamma3 Alnaqabat -Shmeisani (event details) Khaled Al-Haber will be there ! so trust me ,you don't wanna miss that !

Remal is one of those places that make you hate being abroad even more .Just in case you're wondering ,99% of the time there is no fees on entering Remal's events ,and i doubt these would be any different .

Thank you Abdel Aziz . and Thank you Shaltaf for the reminder .


Moh'd Shaltaf said...

Thank you for your support Naser, I really appreciate it.

I hope if you are in Jordan to be with us.

NasEr said...

np Shaltaf.
i really hope i was in Jordan this year ! i missed Darwish's signing ,but i had my friends get me a signed copy anyway :) what a year !

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