Sep 15, 2008

Make Money Online Right Now ! 100% FREE "Spider Web System"

This very recent and new website ( Spider Web System ) - PLEASE don't go in yet,read and then go watch yourself - is spreading so fast all over the world ,I got to say that the video introduction is tempting , this time it is for free, you don't have to buy anything or pay for any refundable kind of package !

My 1st encounter with this kind of "marketing" easy-money maker was probably 15 years ago ,i was 9 or 10 year I'm not sure , a friend of dad's introduced him to Herbalife and explained to him how is he going to make money by doing nothing but talking to people . And I remember them all (dad n friends) agreeing eventually that we're not getting into this its fishy ! Ironically enough ,two years back ,my best friend's mom called me and said "I want you to come with me and my son to a business meeting ,its gonna be so good,i found you both good job" and guess what was it !?!?!? HERBALIFE !

My problem is ,see Hebralife for example ,it spread in Jordan AFTER "Buiznass" pyramid scheme (If you don't know what Pyramid Scheme is then click the link and do so ) company spread like cancer among people (specially young ones) and eventually figured out it was a scheme ! but people never learn !!!!!!

One might ask me , how do you know this one is a scheme ? well :
  • Their website is so amateur
  • The word (100% free) is repeated 100,000 times
  • They're trying so hard
  • I've seen it happening before with different people and different company ,every time a friend tries to convince me i have one thing to tell them : I'll see you in 6 months, If you're still doing it and making money, I'll double what you have . and it never happened .
  • YES, I DO BELIEVE that you have to work very hard to achieve something ,that whatever is so good to be true can't be true ,weather its a job, a girl friend / boy friend , a promise ... etc , whatever is too good to be true can't be true (except for me ,I'm real)
So I'm writing this ,hoping that someone would google "spider ass system" and land in here and realize that its a scheme . yes you're not gonna pay anything to join them but you'll have to become a pain in the ass for everyone around you and its gonna become an obsession ( as the video on their website says,they'll teach you how to become a pain in the ass whether you're on the internet, having lunch at your fav restaurant ,having a family meeting ,or at the grocery store ) you're gonna be frustrated with it ,and its just not worth it . spare yourself feeling stupid after you realize what you got yourself into .


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