Sep 19, 2008

A perfect plan for Saturday 20/9 in Amman ! (works for Muslims,Christians and Atheists )

People of Amman ! You're lucky I wish i was there !
How about you start this very memorable day (I'm sure it'll be memorable for time to come) by going to Safeway Shmesani parking lot at 10:00 Am ,to meet with the rest of the volunteers from the Action committee to help distribute the Ramadni food packages in one of the centers in AlHussain camp to families whom are in bad financial conditions chosen by the center staff !? Help out some people you never met before ,see the little children faces ! they'll be so happy and grateful !and you'll wonder "did i do something that big to deserve this?" ! nothing sticks in your head more than the faces of happy children and trust me, they'll give you back of a good feeling more than you gave them of materials .There will be also a visit to one or two families in their houses if you'd like to have a closer look .

After you're back home,had your rest,had your breakfast ,head to Dar Al-Anda (دار الأندى) - Lwaibdeh (The event isn't canceled,its rescheduled ,same time but new place is Dar-Al Anda),there will be poetry reading and musical activity in the memory of Mahmoud Darwish at 9 PM . The genius Lebanese musician Khaled Al-Haber will be there ,I'm sure its gonna be great and hey its for free ! The perfect ending for a perfect day !

An important note though : If you'd like to join the food distribution activity please call and confirm at the following numbers ,because the numbers are limited :)

SARA 079 515 44 98
AHMAD 079 705 234 8
I'm going to steal this from the Action Committee msg :
Some people give time, some money, some their skills and connections, some literally give their life's blood. But everyone has something to give.


lost within said...

Naqabet al monhandeseen canceled the event !

Anonymous said...

This a great thing to do ..Our local masjid here started doing similar events during the month of Ramadan and the volunteering is on a much smaller scale..

This is good to bring the commnunity together but somehow it feels different and more satisfactory when it is done back home,it is simply different..
Inshallah you can go home soon and be involved in another good will event :)

NasEr said...

Lost Within I just heard . good griefs .i hate those SHYOOKH. stupid pin heads.

NasEr said...

on a second thoughts ,it was stupid on the organizers thoughts to stuff the word الشيوعي in every ad for the event ..

NasEr said...

yea Noura its different back home :)) hope you can visit soon as well :)

SuperNova said...

when you do something for others, it pays back way much more than doing something or your own.

the event was cancelled?
what does JEA -naqabt el mohandeseen- have to do with action committee?!
info info eBleaze :|

NasEr said...

SuperNova the event isn't canceled ,Lost Within was talking about the second event .the charity thingi is still on .
The Darwish event has nothing to do with the Action Committee ,its two seperate events, but i thought announcing them together would make a good plan for the day .
JEA canceled the event apparently ,you know Khaled ElHaber and those who wants to attend most likely not to have a beard,and you know,the women and men won't be setting apart from each other,in other words their different from them,so they oppress them.Bless their souls and may God keep them sharp and alert to defend religion and our society from the filthy communists.
anyway the event is rescheduled at Dar Al-Anda ,Lwaibdeh.

ThE MasTEr said...

Dear Naser,
the problem wasnt 3ashan 7a6o kelmet shyoo3y janb esm "Khaled elHaber" cause hada bas kan b a small facebook event made by some communist youth ma elo da5al bel real event,elmoshkleh 3mlatha eljareedeh el3'ara2 "elRa2i" ele dalat moserah 3a 6ool osboo3 eno tonshoer 7aflet "Khaled elHaber" 3ala enha men tanzeem "MOhtaref Remal" mesh "JEA" ro3'om eno mohtaref ba3telhom resaleh tawdee7yeh bas e5wanak ela bdhom y3malo moshkleh w ela3zaa2 bel JEA ma gasro w la3'o el7afleh men 3ndhom 2al 3ashan "ede3a2 jehat thaqafyeh o5ra enha mnazmeh el7afel" + 3ar6ah tanyeh 2al 3ashan ynasqo ma3 rab6e6e elkotab fa e6ar mohtaref eno y3malha bdar alandy w elra2i la yoom elevent w heye 7a6ah eno bel JEA w lal yoom heye eljareedeh elwa7eedeh ele ma nashrt ta3'tyet el7afel!!
tab3an hada ma bel3'y door eno Kaheld isnt a MUslim Brotherhood so the idea of him singing in JEA wasnt liked men i5wana ela3zea2 so zaad el6een balleh :)
w bas..:D

NasEr said...

ahaaaaaaaaaaa...ya3ne ana nfa3alet 3al fadi :ppppppppppp tab kan 7ada '3arrad men awwal badal ma 5allaitoone anzel bel 3alam yameen shaml :D

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