Sep 7, 2008

Never cut your hair where they don't speak you language !!

After one year of not cutting my hair here in Thailand,I thought its time to do it ! and wish i didn't ! No I didn't keep it long because I was afraid of going to the barbershops here,i kept my hair long for years,but one important reason for keeping it long here is not trusting Thai barbershops ! i know its silly and stupid :p

So I called a friend who has been living here for quite long time now,I asked him where does he cut his hair,he said come to my place tomorrow ,there is a nearby place !So i went today morning , too excited & too early ! :d he was still sleeping,so he just gave me the directions and i went on my own. Most of the shops were closed ! to realize ,ITS SUNDAY ! :/ - i have a Friday,Saturday,Sunday "weekend" problem ! :d - but there were two opened places i could see. so i thought okay,lets try one of them.

I entered the 1st place,there was no one ,but a dog :/ who came running toward me,I hate and scared of dogs :D - off topic fact : there are dogs in Bangkok ten times the number of cats in Amman - ,so i closed the door fast and went to the other place thinking "what a happy day !!!"

I opened the door of the second place and once i walked in,the owner -a woman- freaked out and put her angry face on and started waving me to get out and kept repeating "no ,no,may mee may mee " :/ i stepped outside and i was shocked!wut da hell did i do wrong !so i tried miming from behind the glass that i wanna cut my hair :/ and she wouldn't let me in !!!!!! wut da hell I'm really curious why were she that angry :D.

ANYWAY,I found another one ,the girl on the reception saluted me in English -good good- ,i sat down on the chair,and the barber came holding his scissors and inspecting my face ,before he asked i said "Jordan,I'm from Jordan".he didn't respond ! i thought he was just another angry person ,with the angry dog and angry woman it only makes sense to complete the set ! but NO,the man didn't speak English !

I tried explaining to him what i want,and how long i want the hair to be,he nodded ,i felt comfortable "Okay! Miming works!" ,basically ,he started with from the TOP of my head,which isn't how its done in Jordan ! but i thought : to each their own ! maybe thats how its done here !when my hair went too short from the top,i knew its not gonna be a happy cut !

In short,it took two hours,and i got angry,and cursed and cursed in Arabic - its been a while - , i pulled my hair ,I called my friend who didn't pick up!all i wanted is to get the barber to just make it the same length on every side ! but the man was scared,and wutever i tried to explain ,he'd just nod ,nod,nod ,come to execution?he didn't get a thing !

It was miserable,miserable day ,i don't care about how i look right now,I'm happy that i walked out with little hair still on my head . and i will NEVER cut my hair except in Amman ! :/

photo update
[Pictures removed due to LAMENESS violation ]


Blue in Green said...

poor cant be that bad :S it will grow back no worries :)

Noor said...




lost within said...

hair grows dude ,hair grows ;)
b3den dude ,if it looks bad , go for the skin head look unless u're too skinny coz u'd look like u have lokemia
anyh00 , I second noor , we want pics ,
Muahahahah !

Anonymous said...


NasEr said...

here you go,pic,but isn't this lame ?the pix thing !! for real :/

lost within said...

Dude , it looks way better this way !! seriously , what were u thinking keeping it that long?!
u guys are really clueless !!

NasEr said...

shof :/ lost within,my hair (long) completes me :-o: u have to know me to understand :D ask Noor ! sa7 ya Noor :ch:

Anonymous said...

nasser, mesh gader algo6ak fe ay makan, w this silly facebook thing mesh rady yeb3tlak pm :(
6amenee esh sar ma3ak :(

NasEr said...

tab w ana keef bedy a3raf meen inta ? :D 3ashan a3raf ajawbak ya3ne ! write ur name at least :D
if u r asking about today's interview ,it went well,some small things i don't like.i'll be on msn in an hour :)) but everything is fine ;)

Noor said...



am sorry!! couldnt stop laughin' when i saw it :D wak its not that bad... bs weird!! tale3 rasak z3'eer..msh hek bne3rafak :D

Noor said...

sa7 ya naser :O

naser's hair seriously hek part of him...zy edo wella dano... i can tell now sth z lost with that hair cut!! like the last time u did in 3amman..t3'aiaret w hek fe eshe na2es 3'areeb :\

NasEr said...

LOL Noor :D "3ara2y z'3ool : tele3 3ndak denain"

this is wut i wrote on the describtion of the new facebook pic LOL
"شاب عاطل عن العمل يبحث عن العمل ككنترول بارت تايم

خبرة 5 سنوات
يفضل خط العبدلي - الجامعة الارنيه
شعارنا : أجارك بيدك ، فراطه فراطه

لياقه عاليه ، من وقفه ل"نص قعده لبين ما نمرق عن الشرطي" في أربع أجزاء من الثانيه

للجادين فقط يرجى الاتصال على

tel : 077- 666-DAWAWEEN-010"
walek i can't recognize my shadow w ana bel share3 :/

Anonymous said...

You shouldn't be complaining at all, you look much better after the cut...

Same thing happened with me on the way to Lebanon..I had a day in Athens and decided to have a hair cut to look good for Beirut, what a disaster that was !!
So your hair cut is not bad..na3eeman :)

NasEr said...

LOOOOOOL Noura ! 2oole ana hoon mesh fare2 3nde kteer sara7a manzare :D amma law had el ma2lab sar 3a meshwar zay meshwarek 3a Lebanon wallah kan enjala6et :D
thx for passing by

SuperNova said...
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SuperNova said...

wallah w ya reto na3eeman :D

SuperNova said...
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