Sep 10, 2008

What da hell does "Manifesting" exactly means ?

I thought i had an idea on what does "Manifesting" means ! That until i came across this paragraph while reading in Coelho's "The Zahir" I'll quote :

"If someone is capable of loving his partner without restrictions,unconditionally,then he is manifesting the love of God.If the love of God becomes manifest, he will love his neighbor. If he loves his neighbor ,he will love himself. If he loves himself, then everything returns to its proper place"

So , two questions :
what does it mean to Manifest ? and what did you make of the former passage ? If you didn't get it please say you didn't , unless I'm the only one !

Note : To help you Manifest while getting the right words to get me to understand what does it mean to manifest ,I'll leave you with this .( i looked up "manifesting music" :D ) I hope it helps !


Qwaider قويدر said...

In this context it means: يستحضر
So Manifesting = يستحضر
Manifest = حاضر - موجود

OR, "Becomes present". Also means "showing the symptoms of"

Hani Obaid said...

To make apparent (to make obvious, make visible)

Funny, I was just wondering what manifest means when it comes to shipping when I saw your post, apparently a ship's or plane's "manifest" lists the details about the cargo it will be carrying.

lost within said...

Qwaider & Hani made that clear =)

about the quote , I believe in the contrary ! u can't love those around you unless u love urself !

NasEr said...

Thx Qwaider

Mr Hani thx for the explanation and welcome to my blog !
My understanding to Manifest were wut u talked about :DD shipping stuff .

Waed ,1st do u mind me callin u Waed instead of "lost within"?? .
I'm not sure if i agree with u or not.sometimes you do love others while u can't really love urself ! ifu were not happy with it mathalan !

Jundi said...

coehlo is full of crap!

NasEr said...

Jundi starting with this book was a BIG mistake .but i can't let it go I'm half the way already (4 moths!!!!!!)

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