Sep 11, 2008

You Don't Mess With The Zohan !?

I admit ! I laughed my (ass/head) off at times !and then at times i crossed my eyebrows and wore my disgusted-annoyed-of-stereotyping face ,but then after a while there would be a joke and stereotyping about the Jews.and then i thought : well I'm laughing at their jokes ! why can't i be a sport and take it with a laughter ? and then conspiracy theories started to build up in my head,counting and measuring jokes,fights winners and stereotyping to see if the movie is biased (well whom am I kidding ?!i was making sure of how much they're biased ) but the problem is !I was enjoying the bloody movie !well the 1st half at least was full of laughter !

And then i thought ,bloody hell!why can't I enjoy it for what it is ?! but the worst part is,I didn't really know what to think .here is how the movie goes (won't spoil it) :

Zohan is an Israeli counter terrorist ,he is a combination of Superman, Spiderman, The Hulk (only he is not green and doesn't pump up,but he was already bumped up all the way in a certain area) ,Batman,Robin,3antar el 3absi,Qais Ebn El Molawwa7, Peter Petrelli (from Heroes) and Mo3taz from Bab El7ara all together .
His rival on the Palestinian Side is الشبح The Phantom ! who I'd say would be half Peter Griffin half Karati Kid ! and thats the 1st uneasiness in the movie.

Zohan's passion in life is hairdressing ,so he leaves to the States to pursue his dream ,where he end up being working at a Saloon owned by a Palestinian girl (the actress who played the role looked middle eastern but she isn't Arab) . Of course the story goes as each of you is thinking .but with a twist ,see ;the street where Zohan worked is Israeli on one side,and Palestinian on the other side . They'll have their share of disputes ,but to avoid taking sides on who "wins" or who are the good guys and who are the bad ones , the blame end up being on a group of rednecks ! Israelis and Palestinians eventually unite ( Background music : Mon Amuor,better known as Monamor ) and everybody lives happily ever after !

The movie isn't that bad really, each side had their share of the jokes ,Obama and Mc Cain as well :D If i had to delete one scene of the movie tho I'd delete that one where Zohan doesn't want to "fight anymore" and Phantom keeps teasing him about it trying to get him to fight him ! That was never been and never will be the case .

Another thing that bugged me, Ahmed Ahmed (from the Axis of Evil comedy tour) and other Arab/American comedians were given roles in this movie, but they were so tiny you wouldn't notice them if you don't know them.

Watch it and be the judge .

PS : there is couple of Arabic cussing words in the movie :D

PS II : Its 9/11 . I'm feeling an urge to mention that ,I have no clue why is that ! Shit Am I unconsciously guilty ?!?! anyway.Happy watching.


Blue in Green said...

Great movie! Loved it

NasEr said...

I bet you laughed ur ass off on Hizbollah's terrorist hot line didn't you ? :DDDDDDDDDD

Blue in Green said...

ahahhahahahahaha u bet i did!! great movie, something different for once. U should watch Park :)

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